Ready or Not

Friday I tackled the most annoying project ever in my classroom, despite me saying here that my classroom was done.

Open mouth, insert foot.

Let me back peddle and say this, I HATE MY WORD WALL. Hatred might not even cover the annoyance I have for this section in my room. 

One, its really only there to cover a check on the administrators check list. Let's be real we don't use it that often and only about four students can actually see the words. Two, I can never find a space big enough to hold all three subjects ongoing vocabulary words.  Three, my room is not considered ready for the first day of school without a word wall (big focus on my campus) so even though I will only be reading a script all day it had to be completed by Monday.

Last summer I finally made something I was mildly happy about. 

And I even had a few fellow bloggers tell me not to change it this summer and I really wasn't going to, I promise!

But I went to change out the poster and my word wall ripped right down the middle.


So I pulled back out the hot glue gun, risked my finger tips and sanity and redid my word wall. Side note because my AC goes in and out so much, I have learned that in order to have things not melt off my walls I hot glue the table cloth on the wall and then seal the edges with duct tape.

I was left with this, which I wasn't over joyful about but it would serve the purpose. 

I went to NYC without a care in the world because my classroom was done. RIGHT?!?

I walked in the door Tuesday morning for a fun filled day of eight hours of PD and low and behold my word wall is hanging off the wall. It appears the tape melted off the wall and literally fell off taking the table cloth off the wall as well.

And I handled the problem like any mature adult.

But alas Friday morning rolled around and the word wall was still half hanging/ripped off the wall so I bit the bullet, pulled the hot glue gun back out and tried to keep the curse words to a minimum.

After such a long introduction I am sure you were expecting an amazing word wall, but lets be real I was tired and cranky. Word wall number three passed the principal walk through Friday so that is good enough for me. I plan to try and make more letters to cover up the old table cloth remains, FYI hot glued table clothes don't come off cement walls easily.

Here are a few additional snapshots of projects around my room that I wrapped up Friday

one. The final view of my room before the first day of school.
two and three. My assess yourself cards hanging on each of my computers, along with the posters hung on my wall. Love!
four. My new reflection or pigeon desk, I love that I now have a reflection and a tardy desk. My janitor rocks.
five. You can never be too prepared. I purchased my very first purchase from TPT! A suggestion from my friend Alison. They are mustache question cards that can be used as get to know you activities with the kiddo's, I printed them, laminated and cut the cards out.  It is a relief to know that if one class has too much time next week I have some fun mustache cards to fill the downtime.

The rest of my weekend was spent relaxing and preparing myself for this crazy upcoming week. I won't bore you with pictures of me cleaning and washing clothes but I will leave you with a final few snapshots of the weekend.

one. salad in a mason jar: so easy but so brilliant!
two. neighborly love is not felt in my neighborhood, idiots always block my driveway.
three. No Bake Energy Bites, my sneaky classroom snack.
four. Salmon stuffed with crab, enough said.
five. Needed a change, dyed my hair.
six. Nordstrom Rack might become my kryptonite.

To all my fellow teachers starting tomorrow:
may the force be with you,
break a leg, 

As long as this isn't you, I am sure it will be smooth sailing.

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  1. Ohhh good luck! Thinking of you returning to work!
    Salad in a jar looks so clever! I will have to try it one day!

  2. HAHA....I LOVE the last gif. I went to see that movie with a group of teachers from my school and every so often every one would turn around, look at me, and snicker. LOL!
    OMG...thank you for the shout out! My kids have been using their mustache cards since we started back. They have been so excited that I put them in my pod office to ask each other questions. Then I let them write their own mustache questions to ask friends. They've come up with some great ones!'s my suggestion for the Word Wall. If your tablecloth falls off again, get some blue sticky tack at Walmart. The blue works on the brick walls...I promise! It will hold up the letters and the papers, but not the tablecloth. I hate the Word Wall too for you!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. I also feel the bane of word walls. Why they are required is sometimes beyond me!!!
    I was at odds as to what to do to solve my issue of not currently having that required piece, as I knew I needed to get something up. My room is small, and bulletin board space is at a premium!
    I took foam display boards (from the local $ store), staples, wrapping paper ($S), and 3M poster adhesives (4 bucks for 12 at Target). Spent all of two minutes assembling them, stuck all my letters and everything on before attaching those 3M stickers and BAM... I was done.
    Under 10 bucks, can make the board as big or as small as you want, and you could even make it removable by using those velcro sticky tabs...

    I have weird temperature issues in my room too, and I find that 3M sticky goodness is the only thing which works..
    So next time you have to redo that beast of a project, I swear - do it this way...

  4. I feel ya, girl. I hung up curtains in my room only to see the 3M hook and curtains fall to the floor with a hunk of paint. :(

    I personally love a word wall for young ones, but older students...meh.

    Love that each of your students has their own computer! Boo yeah!