Mixed Feelings

I haven't been around much this week, I guess that makes me some kind of horrible blogger not posting or answering comments, but life happens.

We had our professional development this week and I am not sure if it was the long hours, waking before the sun each morning, not drinking or the stupid cold/virus I seemed to have lingering from my trip but each day I arrived home pretty much like this:

And I could barely function to get some sort of dinner that blogging just had to take a back seat. Considering this week was sans kids I can only imagine how I will fair next week.

Walking away from my classroom today I had a bunch of mixed feelings about school starting Monday that can really best be told in gifs. Because that's how I roll...brushing off my kid lingo for Monday.

My classroom is done. And I think it looks pretty darn fabulous, if I can toot my own horn and all. Also a big plus, all of my copies are done for the week so I won't be wasting any time in that stupid line for the copier. 

70 teachers+one working copier+office staff making hundreds of first day packets = hair pulling insanity 

Sitting through the two straight eight hour days of professional development was pure torture this week.  I hate sitting for eight hours period. In a room where I am being watched like a hawk so playing candy crush is off the table. Said room has no windows. 
This is a path straight to the nut house.

Knowing that I will be spending most of next week reading from a school wide script on administrative procedures, school procedures, being a student...etc. pretty much has me...shaking with excitement?

 I am not totally on board with having to do my hair, makeup and wear professional clothes again everyday. Sitting through professional development with my fake smile and professional garb on just felt...

Here is hoping that my new school clothes perk me up Monday morning or it will be a long year of 'the bun.'

Speaking of getting up and getting ready, I had horrible insomnia this week, which probably didn't help my energy levels at all! Here is hoping that Sunday night I can get some normally sleep, but I can already guess this is what I will be doing instead:

The night before the first day of school. .

I have big plans this weekend of finding some old middle school pictures of myself to share with my students next week to try and lighten the mood. One of the best things about school starting is I now have 150 people who are forced to pay attention to me and who I can just be plain weird around. I enjoy each and every minute!

I was able to sneak a peak at my rosters today. Yes you read that right, generally we don't get to see those babies until the first day of school. It's sort of like the gift of crazy that just keeps on giving each period. But I am not sure if knowing which 'delightful' students I am going to have beforehand will help my sanity or liver this weekend.

On the brighter side generally students are so excited to come back to school and see their friends that they act sort of kind of mildly like angels that first week.

Looks can be deceiving, I am sure those kids are also secretly plotting how to take over the school.

Hopefully I won't go so long without posting next week but please stick with me as I transition from a stay at home person to a working adult. Life is rough.

And just because I love seeing a theme come full circle:

Completely off topic, rumor has it N'Sync will be playing at the MTV VMA and while I am sure they will play a classic like Bye Bye Bye here is hoping they bring this baby back music video and all:

Girlfriend by N'Sync on Grooveshark

I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing or crazy fun weekend, not sure which path I am headed down yet.

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  1. As a former student, I never considered teachers on the first day back... I never thought about you looking at the kids you have to teach and being happy or disappointed by the results..!
    Well, good luck Monday morning.. I look forward to hearing about your first week back.

  2. ew, I would go insane sitting still for that long. Either insane, or fall asleep.

  3. How do you seriously not put every gif on the internet in each post? I wouldn't know how to pick them. I need to start using some of them in my classroom! Sorry you've felt rotten and had to sit through boring meetings. I bet some bacon would make you feel better.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'