Last Weekend of Summer

Sadly Tuesday aka tomorrow we are required to report in for our first day of professional development. 
Which officially means that summer is over.

So this weekend instead of running myself crazy or trying to squeeze in any last minute social engagements I just let everything go.

I didn't care how much I stuffed myself with crappy food, drank boxed wine or worried about my to do lists. Instead of cleaning the house I laid in the hammock and finished up the last of Crossfire series which made me sad, I get too attached to characters.

And I enjoyed every damn minute of it, but I do have to say that today was impossible hard to try and get back into any sort of routine.  #tomorrowsproblem

one. Mr. B and I enjoyed a little Sunday Funday action. 
two. The infamous breakfast shot, yes that is bacon in my shot. That's how we roll.
three. Nothing like a little Sunday afternoon bar hopping.
four. Iron Cactus for brunch, buffet brunches are the best! And of course there was Fireball. Duh!
five. Trying to get my queso fix with store bought queso, it just didn't hit the spot. But I still ate it, just a well balanced Saturday night dinner.
six. I tried the Tone It Up Protein Pancakes and Bombshell Spell. My one attempt at health food this weekend.
seven. Pizza, boxed wine and Pretty Little Liars the perfect way to spend a Friday night.
eight. Back to school shopping is one of my favorite things about school starting.

I have a cofession to make: I am addicted to Vistaprint. 

If I could afford to I would have each and everyone one of my posters done by them #teacherproblems.

My two newest posters are ready for hanging tomorrow and I am quite giddy.

The first one is pretty self explanatory: just an easy way to brighten up the area above my whiteboard. 

The second one is a pinterest inspiration.

Here is the pinterest link with the free printable: 

A Teachers Wonderland: student self-evaluations- This is awesome! Marzano scale???

The concept is pretty simple really, its a color coordinated way for students to access themselves and ask for help when needed. I really like the simplicity of the whole idea: once I am ready to release students to work on a project they will assess themselves and hold up a colored card. If while working they get stuck they will just change their card to ask for help rather than calling for me a gazillion times.

The four terms are: novice, apprentice, practitioner and expert. Which just so happen to be the four terms I use on every rubric to grade the class already. 
Novice = 70, Apprentice = 80, Practitioner = 90 and Expert = 100

I plan on hanging the vistaprint posters in the room for easy class wide reference.

And I plan to use command hooks to hang each set of cards on the edges of the computers. 

If I were going to grade myself on my cutting abilities I would give myself a D. I can't cut a circle to save my life. But I am not dwelling on that considering how long they took to cut out.

The printable is white and black so you can pick your own colors, I will say to be careful with the double sided printing because some of mine look pretty jancky. #userproblems

Off to make myself somewhat tired so I can get to sleep at a reasonable hour. 
Back to reality!

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  1. Bacon shot??? Heaven in a little glass. I might need to try this. I still want that bacon in a basket. Best idea ever!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. 1. BACON shot? Where did you find this monstrosity? (I ask, because I live in Austin too!)
    2. I might do that lazy this weekend. I was lazy all last weekend and I technically started back last Friday (BOO), but I think I could do another lazy "for real, this is the end of summer" weekend.
    3. Hope you had a good first day back!


  3. Oh man I so feel for you. I still remember that antsy, nervous feeling I'd get as a kid right before school started. I can imagine it would be a bit the same for a teacher!!
    I still remember in grade 1 thinking my teacher lived at school and slept under her desk..when I found out she had kids i was so confused....