Well Hello there, its been awhile. 

I had totally meant to post Friday before I left for Houston but there was just NO time...
I forgot to pack ahead of time and overslept.

Friday I was reminded why I hate driving but all was forgotten when I got to see the coolest littlest brother ever! Although not so little anymore, Friday he will be 7. Time needs to slow down!

Another hour later in the car and I made it to my Dad's place and all hatred of driving was once again forgiven when he took me out for queso and margaritas. 

It wasn't until I had gotten to my Dad's side of town that I realized my 10 year reunion was this past weekend and A LOT of people had come into town for it. I mildly felt bad that I was in town but not going but I chose family over people I haven't seen in 10 years, I think the decision was the right one.

Saturday we set out to Kirbyville, Texas. 
Ever heard of it? 
Don't worry, I hadn't either. 
Actually I probably have since I have family there but I tend to tune things out.

My dad's departure time was 8:30, after we stayed up until drinking until close to was a rough morning.

And things only got rougher when the AC in my Dad's truck went out, we drove over 2 hours there with NO AC and two hours back with NO AC. I thought I was going to have a panic attack it was awful, then I recalled that I went nine weeks with NO AC in my classroom I totally got this!

The family reunion was also outside so arriving to our destination gave us no relief. 

I will never understand being in East Texas in the hottest month of the year, standing outside wearing clothes and enjoying myself. I had plenty of uncles and second cousins that were in full on wranglers and boots...I died just looking at them. All the while I was lusting for my bathing suit and a sprinkler. I don't 'fit in' as it is that probably wouldn't have helped too much.

I don't see my Dad's family but once every two or three years so I think he appreciated my efforts to be social, but I was hot and sticky and around people I barely know. So mostly I was just awkward and anti-social...stupid old habits...and took very few pictures.

Favorite conversation of the day:
Second Cousin (who is in his late 40's): "How old are you?"
Me: "28"
Second Cousin: whiplashes back around "WHAT?"
Second Cousin: whiplashes back around loudly exclaims "And you're not married?"
Now the whole group of people are looking at me like I have a third head. THANKS!
Second Cousin: looks to my Dad "Guess you raised her right." 
Still not sure if that was sincere or sarcastic.
Second Cousin Wife: while wearing a HUGE rock on her finger slurs out "Don't ever get married."

Sigh, my family is unique.

After the drive back to my Dad's, I turned around and drove 3 hours back to Austin. I have no intention of any road trips until Thanksgiving so please don't ask!

Sunday I woke with NO worries. 
Mr. B and I were having a day of fun together before my trip. 
We went boating, floating and boozing. It was absolutely perfect. 

This week their will be absolutely NO school work or preparation for the classroom because as I mentioned in my currently post I am pretty much done setting up my classroom. I will do a big reveal when I get back from NYC but for now I leave you with a few Monday Made It's.

I am pretty sure every teacher out there has ugly tan/brown filing cabinets. I hate mine because they don't match my decor...duh! But I knew that I had NO time or money to repaint them. 

I decided to hide my ugly filing cabinets by purchasing two storage pocket charts from Office Depot. They were a hideous red and that just wouldn't do, so I spray painted them navy blue to match my room. I then made labels for each pocket and laminated and cut them out. I used velcro to secure the labels so if something changes they are easy to change out. I pulled out my trusty command hooks and hung them on the back of the filing cabinets. 

From the back side you no longer see the ugly filing cabinets and I have the extra storage I always need.

I also decided to make the NOISE sign that so many other bloggers and fellow pinteresters have made. But once again I have NO money, so I just couldn't swing paying $2.50 per letter. Instead I bought pink glitter foam board for four bucks total and traced the letters and cut them out. I glued magnets on the back that I already had and I think they turned out super cute.

EXCEPT that the N is backwards...FYI when tracing letters on the back you should probably flip them around. Lesson learned.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and teachers who are starting back already: best of luck!

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  1. The backwards "N" has character. I like it. Smart idea to spray the pocket charts. My kids have destroyed my lime green ones and now I can't find them again. :( I skipped my TWENTY year reunion two weeks ago...I'm ten years older you than you and not married. The whiplash gets faster at my age. LOL! I can't wait for your trip to NYC. I'm going to live vicariously through you!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. We are all blessed with crazy families! I know what you mean about awkward family reunions.. I went to one on my dad's side and knew maaybe eight people! The noise board.. never heard of it.. how does it work!? Good on ya for going home and still getting a chance to enjoy time with the mr.