Let's Hear It For New York

This week I returned from New York and I have to admit the city stole a piece of my heart. Something I really didn't think was possible after Austin, Denver and Chicago also stole pieces of my heart. Perhaps I just enjoy traveling but either way I could easily see myself living in any of these cities.

I also learned some important lessons about myself: when I travel I throw myself into it full force. I abandon all worries, don't let the little things bother me and mostly just go with the flow. I take on a new confidence that makes me unworried about safety/plans/the million other things my mind worries about, I don't care what I stuff my face with and suddenly I am a millionaire.

My mother on the other hand is pretty much the exact opposite. And I was very unforgiving about the complaints and worries. Selfish is probably the best way to describe it, but I felt justified because it was my money I was spending. 

End rant. 
Hopefully this explains why there are two pictures of me and my mom in six days.

Now onto pretty pictures and funny stories. 

Wednesday our grand adventure started! 

I had to wake up at 3 am to make my flight to Houston. I will openly admit that I was extremely intoxicated until we were mid air to NYC. How else does one go to sleep at 8 the night before?

Upon arrival we met the stereotypical NYC cab driver: honked a lot, slammed on his breaks a ton and refused to help us with our bags. 

After getting tossed around like rag dolls we checked in and I was ready to go!

Lunch. Subway ride. Showing my mom where her training would be. Dinner. Dropped my mom off at the hotel to rest.

My sister and I went and checked out The Highline. Basically a very long park on top of old railroad tracks. If I lived in New York I would probably picnic there on the regular.

After something like eight hundred blocks of walking I decided we needed a night cap before heading back to the hotel. We saw the word BAR in bright lights and were sold.

One drink turned into two and well the rest is a little fuzzy. I will say our tab was 25 bucks for unlimited refills. I have no clue how we made it back to our hotel. My mom made sure to remind us daily how much we disturbed her sleep. But we had an absolute blast!

One highlight of the night: a guy walked up and started talking to us. He told us we were adolrable a million times. Girls love compliments. He compared my sister to Anne Hathaway, she was sold. He asked us how we ended up at a 40% gay bar. How he got that number still baffles me. We told him we saw bar and ran with delight. He thought that was...wait for it...adorable! I also managed to pick up a guy I think was straight, yes I am in love but nothing perks a girl up by knowing she still has it.

I feel like I should add that I was up for a total of 22 hours Wednesday and survived to tell the tales.

Thursday we awoke to a lot of banging via my mom or the booze. And escorted her to her training.

We literally passed the steps from Carrie Bradshaw's apartment on the way so of course we stopped for pics.

Shake Shack is the best place to cure a hangover. Please open one in Austin on the double.

I wanted to see the 9/11 reflection ponds from one of my favorite episodes of Rescue Me BUT they were all fenced off and after a few rude cops who weren't won over by my charm I decided that a few far away pics of the new tower would have to do.

We stopped by the Trinity Church Cemetery from National Treasure and did a photo shoot/rested our aching feet. It isn't weird that I enjoyed the cemetery more than anything else that day, right?!?

We then stopped by the fire station from Ghostbusters and the Friend's apartment. 

Dinner with my mom at Eatly which is a super fun Italian market with six different restaurants.

Then early to bed for our big appearance on the Today Show which I already recapped here.

After the concert we stopped by the Bethesda Fountain from One Fine Day and then Dean and Deluca from Felicity. 

Friday night we had dinner with my mom and dropped her off at the hotel room.

Then my bestie arrived and it was pretty much just like this:

We went to a fun place for drinks and late night snacks. And then picked up a couple of bottles of wine and went back to the hotel. Not to disturb my mom we decided to hang out in the lobby, sip wine from paper Starbucks cups cause we are classy like that and catch up. 

As corny as it sounds I feel a completeness when I am with my bestie. 

And with that I am going to wrap up this post and postpone the final part of our trip recap for a second post. I can't begin to describe how many pictures we took Saturday and Sunday.

And in staying with my New York theme a little diddle I heart:

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  1. You know she's a bestie, when all you need is her company, some booze and anywhere, to sit and talkl It doesn't matter what you drink your booze in, or where you are.. Catching up, is catching up and so much fun! Looking forward to seeing where else you went in NY!

  2. I love that your NY trip includes visits to all the sights from TV and movies. That's exactly how I travel too! I can't tell you how much I've always wanted to visit SF and take a picture in front of the Full House home!

  3. YAY! Finally I get to see pics. You guys look like you had so much fun! I'm totally jealous!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'