I haven't seen or posted a gif in 6 days...you knew it was coming.

I have been trying to organize my thoughts and figure out what I wanted to post today but as I went through scenario after scenario in my head I realized I had #bloggerproblems.

one. I have 300 blogs to read in my bloglovin feed but no groceries in my house, whats a girl to do. #bloggerproblems

two. There are eight billion link ups that I want to participate in but my brain is so scattered that I can't choose one. #bloggerproblems

three. I have 100's of photos from my trip to NYC but they are scattered about on my phone, camera, sister's camera, phone, facebook and friends phone. #bloggerproblems

four. I was stuck at the Houston airport for a four hour delay yesterday but there was no wifi that would work so I couldn't post or read blogs. #bloggerproblems

How I handled my four hour layover: tacos, margaritas and a juicy book.

five. I can't decide if I want to break up trip posts by topics, days or just give you a photo dump. #bloggerproblems

six. All of my pictures aren't perfectly square since I am taking so many off my sisters facebook wall. #bloggerproblems and #ocdproblems

So while I go about trying to put my life back together...aka...unpack, wash clothes, buy groceries and figure out exactly how much money I just spent, I am leaving you with one single story from this weekend.

Friday our plan was to wake up at 5 am, go to the Today Show live filming and see Michael Bubble perform for free. My sister is in love with Michael Bubble so she was all over this adventure. One subway ride later we were in Rockefeller Center waiting in the rain. A very nice police officer let us in the gated area even though we didn't have passes. Score.

Running through Rockefeller Center.

We found ourselves the most perfect position and tried to protect our phones from the rain and we waited.

Ten minutes later we heard 'and coming up next Flo Rida, Cher and One Direction.' WTF?!?

Perhaps the hastag on the front of the building should have alerted us to this problem but we were on sensory overload as it was.

I scrambled to pull out my phone and google what in the world was going on. Turns out Michael Bubble had to cancel so these were the back up acts. One Direction, really?!?

Thank goodness for back up plans. We hustled back through Rockefeller Center, got back on the subway and made our way up to Central Park. Supposedly Kenny Chesney was playing on the Good Morning America show live in Central Park.

Of course we stopped for some photos along the way.

By this time I am limping, practical shoes have never been a concept I understood. #girlproblems 

But we hustled our butts straight across Central Park and literally rounded the corner as Kenny performed his first song.

We found the most perfect seat in the bleachers and sat about a 100 feet from the stage just enjoying a very tan buff view of Kenny Chesney basically singing to us...for free!!!

It turned out to be a perfect moment. One that you hadn't planned but all the stars aligned and really where else would we have found guys in boots and cowboy hats in NYC. Swoon.

Honestly not all of the trip worked out like that, but that is life. 
But for that hour my sister and I were in complete bliss.

The cutest video my sister shot:

Hopefully tomorrow I will share more pictures from NYC or perhaps have groceries so I am not trying to hide the sounds of my growling stomach by the pitter patter of the keys.

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  1. You knew this was comin'....I got 99 blogger problems..."
    Glad you had a FAB time! I can't wait to hear more stories and see all your pics when you get them organized!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. I like your pervy grins for Kenny Chesney;) How cool is it.. that you live in country where you can go to one morning show and say meh- this isn't for us.. jump on a subway and go see some other randomly famous musician !?!? Love it.
    I think you should get groceries.. blogland will be here waiting for you. You, on the other hand, should eat. ;)