Highs and Lows: Week 1

Thank goodness for three day weekends or I wouldn't have clean clothes, a clean house or anything to eat. Oh, and of course you might not hear from me at all. 

For those of you who have been commenting, I promise I am not ignoring you, just sleeping. I will try to get better at responding once these first few weeks of crazy pass.

But filling my weekend with sleeping till noon and being somewhat domestic doesn't lead to anything close to weekend shenanigans. 

So instead of boring you I made a little list, shocking, of the highs and lows of the first week of school. Be warned these are all over the place and very very random. 

one. I am lucky enough to have the same SEL(homeroom) class as last year, essentially I moved up to eighth grade with them. At first I was a little skeptical about the whole thing but they have been an extraordinary blessing to get to spend two plus hours with each day the first week. 

I am going to miss them because we will finally be running a normal schedule moving forward which means I only see them about 90 minutes a week. They literally spent an hour Tuesday just asking me questions about my life/college/family, I don't think I ever realized that they were that interested in little ole me.

And we took a group picture Friday, which I wish I could share because they had me cracking up with how silly they can be. I truly hope that all this bonding will make discussing the 'hard' topics like bullying, dating abuse and drugs a little easier down the road.

two. My fifth period class rocks! Thirteen students. One girl. Two seventh graders and eleven sixth graders. 120% engagement and interest in everything I say or do. Their first project had them giddy with excitement. I literally have to kick them out of the class because they want to stay with me all day. 

three. We played a silly name game on the first day of school and one class could not get a students name right, they kept saying 'that kid' or 'him' 'tatto' 'tato' 'mat' and it finally gets around to one girl and she says 'I couldn't hear, Potato likes sushi?' I literally spit my water out I laughed so hard, I still don't understand how something like Mateo lead to Potato. But with kids being named Apple and North, I guess you never know.

four. The first week is just hard, there is no way to sugar coat it. 

We had 220 7th graders get sent home the first day due to lack of immunizations. Which meant that for the remaining four days this week my classes constantly had new students trickling in which meant I repeated everything a million times.

Most of my class periods were only 30 minutes all week, which means of course nothing really could be done besides me talking about procedures. Which is boring for them and boring for me.

five. My schedule is not stellar. I have first off for our professional learning community (PD) and second is my planning period then I go straight through for the rest of the day with no break. My bladder hates it. It is also making me feel like a scattered frenzied mess which is a great first impression.

Also since we ran a modified schedule I didn't get a single moment of planning time but other teachers had two hour breaks. Seems totally fair.

six. One of the kids told me I reminded him of someone he saw on the internet. Great. 
But it was a man. 
Lovely, the compliments are just rolling in.

seven. My fourth period class has seven students. 
Yes, you read that right. I can't even begin to decide if this is a high or a low. All I know is it is a very quiet class and I feel like I am talking to myself.

eight. Friday night I went out for drinks with an old coworker from my law firm days. It was wonderful to reconnect and of course get all of the law firm gossip. I felt so bad that in my effort to distance myself from a toxic situation I checked out on her, hopefully we will be able to make these happy hours a regular occurrence.

Of course the only pic I took all weekend was a selfie, always looking out for the blog.

nine. The mister and I had all day Sunday and Monday off together, which is such a treat and pure bliss in my book.

ten. The Texas Longhorns won their first game of the season! I am loving that we have U-Verse this season which means I can watch games from the comfort of my living room. 

eleven. We had four serious incidents on campus this week: drug use, switchblade brought on campus and two separate physical altercations. 
Thanks for waiting until at least the fourth day of school.

twelve. Despite my 'lows' this week I was reminded each day how much I love my job. Of course there are things that annoy me but in my room with my kiddio's all those little things are quickly forgotten. I feel like I already found my groove this year and have an amazing group of students. I consider myself lucky to have a job that I enjoy and brings me so much happiness.

thirteen. I effectively managed to avoid all of the Pretty Little Liars spoilers from the very dramatic episode this week, as I am still a season behind. Even my SEL girls were talking about it but took to whispering as not to spoil it for me. Then one person on my facebook posted one word, the characters name and all was ruined. Can't decide if I want to skip ahead or not now.

fourteen. Technically this is from today but I just couldn't resist. Charlie Hunnam has been named Christian in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie and ladies I do not think you will be disappointed. 

I have had a love affair with Charlie Hunnam for the past five years as he plays Jax on my all time favorite show: Sons of Anarchy. And I already had a post dedicated to the men of Charming lined up this week so the timing worked out perfectly. 

I will have no problem shelling out ten bucks to see this rocking body, I can not wait until the previews start up!

I hope everyone has a wonderful four day week, I am sure it will be a bumpy one filled with more highs and lows.

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  1. I like the idea of your highs and lows--that would be a great linky party, hint, hint! ;) Just wanted to stop by and let you know that you literally make me laugh out loud all the time with your witty humor! HOpe you have a great week. :)

    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. Wow! I'm in awe of your small classes. I experienced that when I taught Read 180 in an ESL department and LOVED it! I know those kids grew so much that year because we were able to spend SO MUCH TIME working on every skill at their exact level.

  4. What a first week! That's really great that you can reconnect with your this year 8th graders from last year. The first week is very stressful and intimidating for everyone. I don't miss it. Well it was always kind of cool being in the next grade up and seeing cute boys on a regular, day to day basis. (Strictly speaking as a student, not a teacher!)

    You look happy happy in your selfie!