All and all I would say this week was a win. I finally feel a bit calmer about my to do list, my pure torture morning and afternoon duty is over for the next four weeks and I am getting some time with the mister for the first time since last Thursday. That is as soon as I get done blogging.

But that didn't stop the 'stupid' 'mind numbing' 'perplexing'...basically downright baffling moments from seeping into my week. 

Top Ten Baffling Moments of The Week...aka...
The Heart Warming, The Stupid and The Stupider

Dear Football Players and Cheerleaders: You pretty much made my week, I puffy heart y'all. Tuesday we had our first football game, so I went and stood in the rain to support our school. We got crushed, the bruises on our quarterback the next day made me wince. But as I was walking into the stadium the bus with the cheerleaders arrived and 12 girls were leaning out the windows yelling my name. It was sweet. Then the bus with the eighth grade football players arrived and there were 30+ boys hanging out the windows yelling my name. It was downright baffling how 'loved' I felt.

Dear Weather: Frankly I am sick to death of you. It's supposed to be fall but it's 100 degrees every day. The random daily rain storms have actually been great for our lawn and that's about it. After the rain storm it literally feels like steam is coming off the ground. My poor hair begs this whole process to stop, it already has to smell like pubescent boys that should be punishment enough. 
Fall as a season is just baffling.

Dear Female Students: My heart hurts for the choices you are making. One of you is about as far along as one of our teachers, not a shining achievement at 13. And note to the female student that wore a red lace see through shirt with a red bra the other day, I get your curves are very voluptuous after giving birth this summer but perhaps you should consider the signals you are sending by wearing something like that to middle school. Babies having babies, baffling.

Dear Former Student: I hid at the 7-11 rather than be recognized by you: it wasn't that your mom was cursing at you or that you gained 100+ pounds in two years or that you grew a foot. BUT it was because of the tear tattoo you are now sporting under your eye. 
Former students are now scary, baffling.

Dear Clueless Student: This week you asked me if you would be receiving grades in my class. I just stopped to stare at you. We are on week four, warm up number 16, daily grade number 14 and project number two. What exactly lead you to believe you were just here for fun. Clueless seventh graders baffle me. 

Dear Ex-After School Director: I let you take advantage of my kindness when you worked at our school last year and happily begrudgingly made your newsletters each month. The fact that you had the nerve to email this week me to make you a flyer for your new job/school leaves me absolutely speechless. Baffled.

Dear Sixth Graders: You are cute and sweet but the whining about due dates is killing me slowly. Yes every project has a due date. No this is not a finish when you finish type of class. I am sorry that you weren't better prepared during elementary but its time to put your big boy underpants on and start acting like a middle schooler. Due dates being mind blowing = baffling.

Dear 7th Period Student: You 'wooted' like an owl for 15 solid minutes of instruction time this week. 
No words, just baffled.

Dear Robotics Students: Your built your robots in two class periods. That has never happened before in four semesters. I am so overwhelming excited about all of the activities we will be able to do this semester if you keep up this work ethic. Except for 7th period, but I was trying to stay positive. 
Eager students still baffle me.

Dear Austin Drivers: Today it rained. I know this might be a new thing...water following from the sky. BUT you do not have to stop driving and stare at the raindrops. You do not have to stop and stare at the drivers who failed driving and have now wrecked their cars. You do not have to max out your speed limit at 10 mph. You are the reason traffic is horrible. Baffled by the amount of stupids who own vehicles and drivers licenses.

Something I am definitely NOT baffled by, how much I love Justin Timberlake's new single...but really this man does no stupid so what's not to love.

The mister and I joke that we are constantly surrounded by stupid and if this week was any example I believe are joking is just a pathetic attempt to not break down and cry at how baffling the people that surround us truly are. And this is why we are ordering take out, parking our cars in the garage and camping out on the couch until Monday. 
Gotta take a break from the stupid sometimes. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend filled with the least amount of 'stupid' as possible!

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  1. I am so proud of you for taking the weekend to just RELAX with the Mister! Good for you! I like to hide from stupid too!