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It might be a school night but nothing soothes the soul like a little adult beverage and a few episodes of Pretty Little Liars. And of course linking up with Farley for this month's currently.

Listening:  Even though a major part of PLL was spoiled for me last week, I am following Alison's advice and still trying to make my way through all of the old seasons of Pretty Little Liars via Netflix. My hope is that I can finish season three this weekend, a girl has to have goals.

Loving:  I am loving my group of kiddio's this semester. I know it is only the second week but if my biggest behavior issue is spinning in my rolling chairs I think we might be off to a wonderful start. I might be inserting my foot in my mouth but if they could start talking a bit that would be really great. Plus, I wouldn't be filling the silence with awkward small talk.

Thinking:  I am forcing my students to all compete in a First Lego League Competition and the 'best' group will actually represent our school in the Central Texas Competition. The catch, I need like $1300 in funding for all the registration fees and I can't ask for any help from parents. I applied for one grant but I probably shouldn't put all my eggs in one basket, so to speak. 

Wanting:  A Skype date with my bestie. I have been in a serious funk lately, something I can't really put my finger on. I think the only cure is a big glass of wine and some serious skyping with my bestie. Problem is the time distance and all these first week commitments after school. 

Needing:  I need to get back in the gym pronto. I tried to go today after school but I arrived and realized I was missing half of my gym stuff. Just my luck. And of course my crazy OCD personality dictates that unless you start something at the beginning of the week you must wait until next week, vicious cycle. 

The last three are pretty simple:

one. Celebrate the highs and the lows. No job is perfect and if I constantly told you how wonderful my job or students were you would probably think I was full of shit. I think it is important to acknowledge and celebrate the lows and the highs each week. Perhaps I will even make it a weekly blog post.

two. Take care of myself. I shouldn't feel guilty if I want to stay up and watch PLL or go have drinks with friends. And if I need a haircut or a pedicure I will splurge if I want to. Of course this all has to be done in reason, a splurge is only a splurge if it is special. It's all about balancing commitments with what makes you happy.

three. Speaking of what makes me happy, spending time with the mister always makes me happy. But we have a horrible habit of using our quality time to watch TV or crush candy when we should be spending time together. We might not have the most traditional schedule but I should value the time we do have together.

I can't wait to hop around and read all of your currently link ups, hard to believe I am nearly 400.

- The Babbling Box!


  1. Make sure you take care of yourself! That's so important!! I hope you are able to keep up with that as the year goes on. As teachers, it's so hard for us to do, but I hope you're able. :o) And when you figure out the secret, make sure you let me know! Happy beginning of the year!

  2. Very cute post filled with a whole lot of truths! I'm so glad your year is starting out fabulously! Did your friend the laminator ever return!?!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  3. I know taking care of myself is always the first to go when school starts and life gets busy. Good luck and don't feel guilty. Resource Room Rules

  4. Every single year, I start off wanting my kids to not be SO quiet. And then I spend the rest of the year trying to get the to stop being so chatty! haha

  5. You are a smart, smart girl for listening to me. I think you totally deserve a glass of liquid refresher and PLL time. I used to feel guilty about spending money on myself on things like toes and hair, but then I is to short to stress and it it makes me feel pretty, then I'm doing it! I'm so guilty of crushin' candy and watchin' TV with the Mr. too, but it is a conversation piece. I guarantee you that mine doesn't want to hear my whining about real life aka the job. Only TWO more days until the weekend and you can be in bacon heaven!!!
    Did I tell you that I watched the whole season of Orange is the New Black two weekends ago? All the episodes in two days. Laughed so hard.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'