I am going to be completely honest here for a bit, I fell off the wagon.

All summer long I was posting about my workout successes, meal ideas and generally just kicking butt at keeping healthy.

Proof: May, June and July I managed to complete 30+ miles in 30 days.

And then August reared its ugly head and I managed a wooping 4.98 miles.

I am the queen of excuses. New York killed my routine. Going back to work is hard. I am tired. It's not Monday. It's not the first of the month. I didn't eat the right lunch. I worked too late. I would rather see the mister. I would rather wash my hair. I am tired from being on my feet all day. I just need quiet time.

The reality is simple I would rather lay on the couch, eat cheese nips for dinner, have a few adult beverages and watch PLL. I am constantly weighing the pros and cons, if I go to the gym how much time will I have to: blog, sleep, see the mister and relax. 

But the flip side to all of this is I feel like shit. Plan and simple. I know that eating crap makes me feel like crap. I also know that I handle my job and everyday stress better when I go to the gym. But most importantly my moods and self esteem are so much more stabler, well as stable as they can get, when I maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So this weekend I finished off my box of cheese nips and decided it was time for a reset. I planned ahead a few meals that I would actually enjoy but were still healthy...nothing makes me want to drive through Jack in a Box than knowing I am going home to rabbit food. I made a few small gym goals. And prepared myself for easing my way back into a healthier lifestyle. 

To me its all about balance, if I tried working out seven days a week and jumped head first into a grain free meal plan by day 3, I would be burnt out and drinking my way through a bottle of wine in order to hide my shame at only lasting two days. 

Here are a few snapshots from my weekend reset:

one. Anytime I think of resetting my personal health a cleanse comes to mind, I blame my mom she made us do them all the time. So I ordered the Advocare 10 ten day cleanse to jump start my system and perhaps clean out some of the cheese nip dust.

two. Nothing mind blowing but I pre-made lunch for the week. Spaghetti Squash + homemade paelo meatballs + Italian stir fry with tons of veggies. YUM!

three. Perhaps these shouldn't be on the reset list but I think its important to treat yourself within reason. 

four. I stopped by the gym on Saturday on my way to the grocery store. Yes, it was a small workout and yes it was pretty pitiful in terms of results BUT the first step is always getting yourself there.

five. I ordered a Yamuna Ball and video. My mom actually is certified to teach this, the main reason we went to New York, and she kind of got my hooked. I am hoping to balance three days of cardio with two days of ball rolling instead of traditional weight training.

Besides getting my reset this weekend the mister and I had a lot of together time which is probably why he is hiding in his room playing video games I loved. 

Saturday we stayed in and watched the Longhorns actually win a game. Sunday we stayed in and watched the Rams lose get crushed by the Cowboys. Our set up was pretty nice both games, plenty of relaxation, booze and no annoying stupid fans trash talkers. Our only venture out of the house consisted of going across the street to AT&T and upgrading my phone to a Galaxy 4s...leaving iphone scared me a bit but I am loving it so far. And then of course Smashburger is wonderful. And finally we ended the weekend with the series finale of Dexter...I was unimpressed...but I tend to get too attached to shows.

How was your weekend? 
Any Galaxy fans out there...what are some cool tricks and tools?
Am I the only one who wasn't impressed by the series finale of Dexter?

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  1. I've had the S4 for 3 weeks and I love it! The camera functions are so much fun to play with.

  2. I've had the S4 for 3 weeks and I love it! The camera functions are so much fun to play with.

  3. Well I think you're well on your way to success! Good for you for taking the appropriate steps to .. getting yourself back on track.
    My husband has been getting up at 6 am .. running to the fire hall, working out and running home, then going to work. He's back on protein shakes and eating healthy. He asked if I would like to go to do the same but at 7 to 7:30 before he goes to work.. He'll watch the baby if she wakes up.. and I can run..etc. I probably should get on track. It's always tough when your significant other starts looking and feeling better and you're still sitting on the couch eating cheese would be the first time I've done ANYTHING physical since having the baby. Ughhhh!! So haaaard.)

  4. Have you done the Advocare before? I need to do SOMETHING....SOMETHING I TELL YOU! I am a season behind on Dexter because my Mister works several nights a week. In the Winter his job is closed for six weeks, so I'm hoping we can catch up on the past two seasons. I had a Samsung before Galaxy Fascinate before my iPhones, but the silly thing only lasted me a year. My Mister has one and he digs it. I have no tips or tricks to share with that. I'm still adjusting to this new ios7 stuff on the iPhone. P.S. I'm proud of you for going to the gym!