The Mister and The Princess: Cohabitating

Yesterday I was wondering about SXSW with an old girlfriend and I somehow found myself telling her the story of how the mister brought up living together, so I thought I would share it with all you lovely people. 

A little back story: in June the mister and I will have been together for seven years and in August been cohabiting for three years. About six months or so before we decided to take a 'leap' of faith and share a lease I brought up the topic of us living together, he spilled his orange boozy drink all over my tan couch...apparently I frightened him a bit. So I dropped the topic and got lucky when the bestie and I were able to resign our lease for seven months so she could finish college before moving to be with her man. 

I should also add that I am a bit of a princess...or a whole lot princessy...depending on how you look at it. My personality isn't for everyone, I can be demanding, I can be extremely stubborn and I can be very set in my ways. When it comes down to it I am pretty darn selfish when it comes to my needs wants.

It's March 2011, I was working 60+ hours a week at a law firm and getting my teaching certification but it was the bestie's birthday weekend so...yolo...I invited the sister up to help us celebrate, the bestie's man flew into town and we had big plans of barbecue and partying it up on sixth street. Screw my eight am class that Saturday.

Then the bomb was dropped, not the moving into together bomb were not there yet. Booze has a way of making secrets come out and out they came. My sister decided to tell me she was married. And had been for the last three years. My little sister.

To say I drank a lot that night would be the understatement of the century. I don't even know how I made it to or through class the next day without vomiting or passing out. Oh to be young again.

After class my only desires were: food, a shower and laying on the couch with the mister. But it was still the bestie's birthday weekend and her man was still in town so we ate dinner together at the apartment and she had picked out some movies for us to watch. The problem arose when her man took up residence on my side of my couch. 

And oh how I pouted. And pouted. And pouted some more. I pouted to the point where I refused to even join them on the couch, I made a pallet and everything. Everyone knew I was being a princessy brat including myself BUT I was tired, cranky, hungover and wanted my 'normal'.

That night I went to bed in my huffy little princess mood and the mister joined me...looking back I wonder why he didn't just go home...must be love.

And he called me on my bullsh*t, told me I was acting like a brat, I needed to learn to go with the flow more and it wasn't his job to indulge in my princessy ways. BUT if I could handle that then in August when my lease was up we should move into together. It was the last thing I was expecting and of course it made my whole crazy weird weekend even more memorable. 

I think that if I were to try and explain the mister and I's relationship or why we work that story says it all. The mister goes out of his way to make me happy but when I being a princessy brat he calls me on my bullsh*t and its exactly what I need. I would be bored with a guy that indulged in my every princessy demand in about one month and annoyed if someone never told me when I was acting like a brat. 

Every girl and relationship is different and I don't presume to think that our relationship would be ideal for everyone BUT it works for us and I consider myself pretty darn lucky to find a guy who puts up with my princessy ways but still challenges them when he should.

The mister and I are working on figuring out our next living situation come June and while things have sure changed in the past three years, all for the best, I still enjoy that story and love remembering how it all started.

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  1. I am a princessy brat everyday of my life...poor Jerm. He sure puts up with a lot. In your defense...I don't like anyone being in my "spot" either. I am a creature of habit and extremely set in my ways. My way...or no way. Haha!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. I am a push over but I have bratty- dick tendencies too. Rob is a pusher that has a strong personality and likes to make the plans. Together we're the perfect combination. I tell him when he's being a dick and he tells me to stop being such a wuss. Then when I'm being a bitch he calls me out on it and etc. It really works for us, but let me tell you- there was a lot of adjustments that had to be made in the first few years of our relationship. Lots of fighting, growing up and compromise. That part sucked, but we're much better for it now.

    How the hell did she not tell you for three years that she was married!?! Did they just elope and eventually she spilled the beans to you and your family!?!