Currently: March

Blogging is a funny thing to me: sometimes I despise the whole process and spend hours trying to type a post or even come up with a topic and other times its like a drug that I can't get enough of.

For me right now, its the later.

I have too many topics and I am having a hard time finding time to schedule in all of my posts. We had a late start day because of icy weather this morning and I was hoping for a full day off just too blog. Unfortunately/fortunately that didn't happen...six hour work days are so rough but at least we don't have a make up day later in the year.

So while it might already be the 5th and I might be number 294 in the link up, I am finally linking up with Farley for March's Currently!

Listening:  The Bachelor: Women Tell All, I normally fast forward through so much of this episode because its almost too painful to watch but this season is a bit different. The woman are spending most of the time beating up on him, mildly entertaining. The mister last night said he never thought he would have a DVR box with shows like The Bachelor on it...and a few more of my lovely bad TV made me want to binge watch all of my shows so he wouldn't see them on the DVR box when he gets home tonight. Funny how I have no shame sharing my love of reality shows on this little ole blog.

Loving:  Spring break is in three more school days! I plan to spend nine glorious days taking care of little ole me and enjoying each and every moment.

Thinking:  I always jump on the first summer job opportunity that presents itself to me and this summer I am trying to be more strategic and weigh my different options. Summer school? Curriculum writing? A job outside of school? Someone wanna just use their crystal ball and tell me which pathway will be the least amount of stress with the most amount of $$$$! Please and thank you.

Wanting:  I really really need to plan a trip to Houston to see the family but the reality is I need spring break to take care of me. A normal person could drive down for the weekend at any point but I am a bit crazy and not getting time to grocery shop or prepare for the new school week makes me a really cranky teacher. So really its for the good of my students that I am avoiding my family...not cause the trips are a little stressful.

Needing:  I would love an app for my phone that I could track my monthly workouts in, perhaps even calories at some point. I have downloaded about a gazillion apps and disliked each one more than the last, so if you have any great suggestions for Andriod I am willing to try anything!

??????:  This is a new game, I give you the answer and you guess the question. 

Have you linked up with Farley for this month's Currently? Also check out her new blog design, it is awesome! Has me itching to redo my design....not a good sign!

- The Babbling Box!


  1. Cute blog! I am so excited about spring break too! I have SO much to catch up on...Glad to find another TX blogger gal! I live in H-town and I have family in Austin ;P

  2. I haven't watched The Women Tell All yet, but from what I hear...they don't hold anything back. I feel accomplished when I get the DVR down to 0%. I don't feel guilty at all about watching trash TV...AT ALL. We need mindless after the days we have. My suggestion for a summer job...nothing school related. Take a BREAK! You deserve it. Do something fun and different.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'