Going All Natural...Sort Of

My mom is crazy into doing things the all natural way, I love the concept but lets be real for a second: I love the smell of bleach after cleaning the kitchen, deodorant is not something I am considering giving up on and seriously who has time to make their own laundry detergent...they bottle it for a reason.


There have been a few tips she has passed onto me that I have tried and fallen in love with, so today's Tried it Tuesday is definitely not school related but I hope you find a few of these tips useful!

one. I haven't purchased makeup remover or face soap in over a year and my skin has never looked better!

I use coconut oil as my makeup remover, I just grabbed a glass bowl with a lid and used it to store the coconut oil in the shower. The nice part, in my opinion, of keeping it in the shower is that the heat will liquidfy the oil and makes it easy to use.

I use baking soda to exfoliate and wash my face, I used a salt and pepper shaker to make accessing it easy and keep one in each bathroom. 

I tend to have pretty oily skin so for me this combination has been amazing in erasing scars and preventing blemishes from popping up...cause lets be real here my skin still thinks I am a hormonal teenager half the time...but I have found that this winter has caused my skin to be a little dryer to I have added a small bit of coconut oil to my baking soda in order to not make it quiet so harsh.

Before I started this combination of skin care I had some annoying scars on my cheeks and regularly had blemishes popping up which made me super self conscious, my mom suggested rubbing the coconut oil on my face and then placing a damp hot towel on my face and that seriously has been the most AMAZING trick in fixing my skin. It basically just pulls out all the disgusting stuff that tends to clog my pores. I find myself wearing makeup less and less for errands and other things as I find that I don't really need it as much, I wish I had taken some before and after pictures.

two. Cleaning my makeup brushes falls about as high on my everyday to do list as dusting ceiling fans does. I am absolutely horrible at cleaning the brushes regularly...or more than once a year. 

I saw this idea of combining vinegar, dish soap and hot water soaking the brushes and running the brushes through cold water. Seriously, that takes a total of five minutes even I might be willing to do that every once in a while.

The motivator for me to repeat this process six or so weeks later...seeing all the junk that comes out of those brushes, shudder. Can you imagine if that's coming out of the brushes what you are putting on your face everyday!

three. When we moved in our house I was rather unpleased to see the glass tall showers, I have had those showers before and they are a real b*tch to clean. Enter pinterest again...I saw this idea of using a scotch brite dish wand and filling the wand up with vinegar and dish soap. I LOVE this idea because I can quickly wipe down my shower walls before getting out and it keeps me from having to really deep clean the shower. 

My wand is super gross right now, so enter a pinterest picture:

Shower cleaning wand. Put stuff in there. 55 Must-Read Cleaning Tips & Tricks

four. Coconut oil period is hands down the best thing since slice bread. 

Buy a bottle and keep it on hand:

.use it grease a pan
.use it as a substitute for oil

.heat up coconut oil, lemon juice and water and drink it first thing in the morning this helps with digestion and really is a great morning routine. Of course I follow this up with a Spark and Restore...cause caffeine is mandatory.

.hungover, stick a big spoonful in your mouth. no joke. 

.hair feeling dry? soak the ends in coconut oil and wrap in a hot towel for 30 or so minutes. wash thoroughly and your hair will be so soft and not a single tangle.

I could probably go on and on, but one long post a week is probably all you need.

What are your favorite all natural tricks around the house?
What do you use coconut oil for?

- The Babbling Box!


  1. I don't own any coconut oil, but between you and Erin, I believe I must be missing out on something absolutely phenomenal. I keep reading about oil pulling also. I have a house cleaner dude (don't judge). He uses all natural stuff to clean our house. I use peppermint oil...in my Rainbow Rainmate...it makes the house smell nice and clean. I'll get some coconut oil...............
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    1. I like that we are now tag-teaming Alison to make her try this coconut oil! Just FYI, Amy, I have the same jar as you but am switching to unrefined as I was told it has even more benefits (and includes the coconut smell I really want so I can feel like I'm on vacation). I plan to pick up a big tub at Costco tonight!

  2. I like the idea of the coconut oil in the shower.. and then washing with baking soda. My forehead gets really oily after my intense workouts every morning. I'm excited.. thank you!

  3. I just recently started using some Norwex products for cleaning. The cloths are amazing and we haven't used any traditional cleaner in the bathroom for months. I bought the crystal deodorant but haven't taken the plunge yet since I have some old stuff to use up. I'm a little scared! I love all your tips with the coconut oil and cleaning the makeup brushes! Genius! I think I need to invest in some coconut oil. :)
    Fourth Grade Flipper