03/2014 Goals

I can not believe that spring break is in five days, I feel like this semester has barely started. Not going to lie though I am looking forward to nine days of relaxing and catching up on the parts of my life I tend to neglect during the school year. 

One of my favorite things about setting monthly goals is that I know in March I tend to get so much more done personally, due to spring break and the fact that sometime around this time in the semester it starts to feel a little more smooth.

I can not say the same thing for February, going into the month I tried to set small realistic goals because we had company coming in and I was planning on working Saturday School...even keeping that all in mind my progress was not very positive.

one. Workout out 3 times a week. Two days of cardio and one day of ball rolling, not great but better.
two. No credit cards and save money for our upcoming trip to Chicago. Didn't use the credit cards, didn't save any money but I did work Saturday school so that's like saving money. Right?
three. File my tax return. Done!
four. Go to one boys basketball game. Fail, I could never coordinate a home game with my after school commitments.
five. Continue to stay on top of grading. DONE! I have been so ahead of the curve in grading and lesson planning which in turn helps my gym goals.
five. Locate a present for the bestie. Fail on my part, but I did see something on a blog that I think I want to get her which has sparked an idea for a theme... 
six. Complete one page in my Project Life binder. Fail.
seven. Not have a boozy beverage two school nights a week. Mostly a success.
eight. Put down my phone after 9 during the week and give the mister more attention. Is it bad that I forgot that I set this goal?

one. Gym goals: two days of cardio, one day of weight training and one day of ball rolling.
two. Save money for Chicago.
three. Beg or bug someone until I get a paycheck for my Robotics Competition...from December.
four. Be more in the moment in the classroom with the students and less worried about admin responsibilities.
five. Upload two new items to TPT.
six. Refresh some of the pictures on Poshmark site.
seven. Comment at least five times a week on other blogs.
eight. Blog at least 3 times a week.
nine. Finalize our living situation, 60 day notice must be given by the first day of April. 
ten. Set up at least two different social outings with friends.
eleven. Call, close and cut up three credit cards.
twelve. Make a dentist and doctor's appointment.
thirteen. Purchase and mail the bestie's bday present.
fourteen. Finish and hang the dart board taking up half of my living room.
fifteen. Continue taking two nights off of drinking a week.
sixteen. Plan something special for the our anniversary.

That list seems long but I know staying focused on accomplishing these goals will keep me from shopping my spring break away and a lot more sane when testing season rolls around.

So now its your turn to join the party! The rules are simple, cause there really aren't any, write out your March goals, grab the button and then link up to the party.


  1. You completed over 50% of your goals! Yeah girl! I'm proud of you! I need to go check my Wunderlist to see what my goals are for this month. I'll be back for that!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. I am jealous, jealous, jealous that you have mastered the ability to keep up with grading and lesson plans. Please teach me - oh great one - so that I might learn also. :) :)
    Congratulations on accomplishing the goals that you set and good luck with the new ones. Our anniversary is this month also. We are going to our favorite Brazilian restaurant for dinner. Yum yum!!!

  3. Hey you did pretty damn good for February! And your March goals are good ones.. I like your goals because they are do-able.