A day in the life of a teacher...during summer

I haven't been blogging much because the reality of it is the life of a teacher isn't all that interesting during the summer, but I really hate when bloggers go on and on about how they have nothing interesting to blog about. Life isn't always interesting, this blog is about my life. Enough said. So I figured I would give you a small peek into my everyday reality...

So I generally don't wake up until 9...or 10...or 11. I find it crazy when people tell me they just wake up at 7 everyday no matter if there is work or not. I generally don't trust people who don't enjoy sleeping...

I start my morning routine: warm lemon water, spark and then my morning smoothie, while I spend an hour or so checking facebook, instagram and a few dozen blogs. Priorities people.

I then make my to do list for the day:

And it generally looks about as blank as the image above.

I then check my bank account, you know to see if I can possible go shopping or have happy hour...or just leave the house. But reality is...

I then check my work email to see if we, teachers, have a set salary for this school year. You know to really get a feel of if I should start staking out corners or not this fall...

I have been dabbling in a little graphic design for fun so to put off thoughts of heels and corners I generally play around on picmonkey for the next hour or so. I generally try to put on the shittiest of reality television just to make sure I have something to talk to the mister about later. Because he cares...

I then spend an hour or so working out in my little tv room, I love hooking up my computer to the tv and running through two or three different workout routines from youtube.

Then I spend an hour or so hanging out at the pool. I of course take a few of standard pool selfies just to prove my summer is better than yours. 

I generally lose the three or four hours between the pool and when I cuddle up on the couch with the mister and start drinking boozy drinks, I really don't know exactly what I do besides cook, eat and repeat. 

We basically watch television, drink boozy drinks and catch up on our days. So I basically feel him in on reality tv, the coming and goings of the pool and perhaps how many ounces of water I drank today. Riveting stuff guys. 

And then basically I repeat the whole routine the next day.

Don't get me wrong I feel very privileged to get to be able to take six weeks off from work but the reality is I am not jetting across the country - insert broke - hanging out at the pool with girlfriends - insert they work - or doing anything educational. Unless you count analyzing the life's of reality TV 'stars'...

And there you have it, the life of a teacher during summer.


  1. I'm so glad to hear that another teacher spends her summer EXACTLY like I do! I get made fun of a LOT for sleeping in late and not having anything to do all summer, but hey, I LOVE IT... and realistically NEED the break from the job!

  2. Your life is WAY more interesting than mine has been the past couple of weeks. I feel like I haven't sat down, but I don't really think I've done anything productive either. I probably just waste a whole lot of time doing nothing. I take that back. I read some smut books this week. Lol!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. My summer has been about the same as yours. Except that it also includes hours of applications (ugh) in place of the pool (it's been too cold here most of the summer). I couldn't even cook for 3 weeks because our kitchen is being remodeled. It's still not done, but at least all our appliances are functioning and we have countertops again!