Goodbye July, Hello August!

As we close the book on July I am pretty sure every teacher out there is feeling the same mixed emotions as I am...

No. Just me. Alright then, I will go back to the wine bottle...

Since July has speed by entirely too quickly and most of my days have looked like this:

I haven't posted nearly enough about the comings and goings from July so what better way to say goodbye to July than with a list of my favorite moments. Sound good? I assume that is a yes so let's begin... 

At the beginning of July the mister and I took a road trip to St. Louis for the Fourth of July weekend. We saw his family. Hung out with some of his old friends. Went to a baseball game. Attended two concerts VIP style thanks to his wonderful friend. Thus spoiling me for all future concerts. There was fireball and booze. Said friend cackled like a chicken at all night dinner at 3 in the morning. So pretty much the trip rocked. My liver hated it.

My old roommate, is having a baby boy in September so I headed down to Houston to celebrate mid July. It was a small shower and out of the seven girls there, four of us were bridesmaids in her wedding so it made the whole morning seem like catching up with girlfriends. I am generally very awkward at shindigs like this but I had the best visit. We were too busy gabbing about anything and everything to remember to take any pictures together. #bloggerfail But I did get plenty of pictures of the tea room's decor. Country chic meets feather boas? Not my style but whatever.

And I had soo much fun putting together a cute little present for her, probably the first time in my life baby shopping wasn't completely overwhelming...

I made a second trip to Houston the following weekend, cause I love my sister. We celebrated Emily finishing college with a family lunch. My mom and dad at the same table is always a little awkward, it's only really happened twice so maybe it just takes time, but regardless it was nice to be able to have some family time and enjoy a yummy mexican lunch. Side note, no matter what we are celebrating we always go mexican food, a tradition I LOVE! 

With three different people taking pictures at the same time I don't think there is one picture when we are all looking at the same place at the same time.

My sister and her boyfriend were my gracious hosts for the weekend and after staying with them I might consider going to Houston more often then every six months. A nice bed to sleep in, good company, a shopping partner, the beach is around the corner and plenty of wine. #heaven

Some of my July goals were to finish decorating the second bedroom aka my TV room, organize my closet and redo my bathroom and I can mark all of those off the list as DONE. I already posted about my bathroom here, so no need to repeat. 

I spent a little more money than necessary but my closet came together to an actual functioning master piece. Meaning I can actually see most of my clothes, can't turn around but it will at least work for while were in this apartment. 

I will say this, velvet hangers are the shit. If you want to feel like a legitimate adult, go buy some and you will see what I mean. Or perhaps I am the only weirdo that gets way too invested in closet organization. Also they save tons of space in your closet if you are working with a small space, plus amazon has these hooks that allow you hang a lot of clothes in a smaller space, amazeballs! Either way my closet might be tiny but it feels like a million bucks, or I think I can live with it...positive thinking?

I also managed to set up two gallery walls, meaning I finally figured out what to do with all of things from the house that had no home in the apartment. I blame pinterest but I have become slightly obsessed with gallery walls and knew they would be the perfect way to brighten up this 'lovely' apartment and also use all of my many frames. Side note, this apartment is so crappy that as I hammer things on one wall things actually fall off other the cable jack.

Excuse the terrible lighting, my room actually has no overhead light so yeah...that's fun.

I have been a big big fan of Tone It Up and love doing there workouts but I have been a little burnt out of doing the same routines plus I realized I was spending 30 minutes just picking out videos something that won't fly once school starts so to interwebs I went. I stumbled across Blogilates and have been loving trying out her video's I have definitely been more sore and pushing myself harder...hello 100 burpees today. She has a calendar for each month so it takes the guess work out of what videos I should be doing and to keep myself motivated I printed it out and framed it. Here's hoping I continue this once school actually starts, which is generally the kiss of death for my workouts.

And finally July can absolutely not be talked about without a little Grey...or a lot depending on how many times you watched the trailer. Yes I am talking about 50 Shades of Grey, and yes I watched the trailer on repeat too many times to count. No matter what your stance on the book or the movie is please tell me this doesn't entice you just a little...

This Unbelievable Shirtless Shot

Ending on a seven drives my OCD insane BUT this post got really really long, oops?!? All in all I say July was a success and maybe I am not entirely on board with waking up early again I am itching to get my hands on my classroom keys and saying Hello to August.

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  1. I'm going to need the link for the hanger thing...PRONTO. I'm already stressing out worrying about Jerm and I sharing a closet. We both have entirely TOO many clothes. And the velvet hanger thing...where did you get thoses???
    LOVE the gallery wall and all of your pictures from your adventures! XO
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Yeah... me too on the hanger! I have some velvety ones that were technically Joel's when we moved in together but now reside 100% in my closet. I love that my clothes don't fall off of them every time I hunt for something to wear! I also appreciate how your closet is completely color coded. Nice job!!!

    Your gallery walls are AWESOME!!!