Monday Made It: Bathroom Transformation

This weekend we were the lamest of the lame. And I am completely okay with that. We played video games. Watched soccer. I decorated. And I tried to squeeze in a little pool time. It's a rough life.

I think the item I was most excited about was the decorating, sorry mister I love you, BUT my bathroom is looking too darn cute not to brag about it. Plus I have finally made a dent in the pile of...what do I do with all of these decorations...and the mister said by the time I figured it out we would be moving again so I sure showed him!

Initially I was unpleased to take the smaller bathroom, but nothing ever works out exactly as you plan, so I figured as long as we each had our own bathroom, size didn't really matter. What no girl has said ever. 

And then I found myself 'keeping' my makeup in my closet because I was out of room in my bathroom. And the biggest tragedy of all I didn't even have a place to keep an extra toilet paper roll. So I knew I had to tackle my bathroom before school started...rumor has it I will have a 1st period for the first time ever and they frown on you for being late to least I would imagine so.

First I went down. Down, down I the only one who thought of that song. And I organized under my cabinet. I purchased two large sliding drawers from Target that could stack on top of each other, this made it easy to use the full depth of the cabinet without having to take everything out each time I need something. 

And then I purchased the most wonderful item of all from Garden Ridge, it hangs over the cabinet door and holds my blow dryer, flat iron, two curing irons and a brush. Talk about a space saver. This also left the whole other side of my cabinet open for my makeup case, also from Target, and plenty of room to 'grow'. 

Next I bought a over the toilet shelf from Target, they were on sale and to me in made the most sense as far as adding shelves without overcrowding the space. Side note I realize I could have hung shelves but every time we hammer something on these walls it either falls, won't go into the sheet rock or something comes crumbling down so hanging things scares me.

Building it was surprisingly easy. Moving it twice was unwise, insert it fell and busted my lip open. But in the end I had it secured and in place. And whats a little DIY project without blood.

I felt like it was a lot of white. Like soo much white it looked boring. I thought I could buy a small section of wall paper to add some color to it but then I saw the price of wall paper and changed my mind.

Then I had the best idea ever I could use mod podge to paste scrapbook paper over the sections I wanted to brighten up. Insert cheap! Insert super super simple! Winner winner chicken dinner.

I found the prettiest set of scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby on clearance and it was an additional 50% off, I already had mod podge so the whole project cost me five bucks. 

Side note, you could also do this with fabric. 
Second side note, if you were afraid of ruining your cabinets or wanted something not permanent you could mod podge the paper onto contact paper and then just peel and stick. 

The whole project took me less than an hour and really that was because of drying time. 
I measured the paper size I needed,
spread mod podge all over the back of the paper,
pressed it in place and used a long ruler to smooth out any bumps,
and then I smeared a thin coat of mod podge on top to seal the whole thing.

I was slightly worried about having to screw the door handles over the paper but given adequate drying time I was able to do so with zero tears.

While I was waiting for the cabinet to dry I decided to use a frame to frame another piece of the scrapbook paper to add more color to the top of the shelf. And I painted a small wooden tray I bought at Hobby Lobby for a dollar and added a few army guys for interest. Cause why not. This little tray is great for holding my growing collection of headbands.

All and all I am super happy with my little bathroom redo and it feels so much more functional and practical. And of course a little more girly. 

And now if they would just come fix the giant crack in my bathtub I might even be able to take a bath...apartment woes.

Please excuse some of the awkward angles of the bathroom pictures, it is such a tiny bathroom that I had a hard time finding good angles without running or backing into walls. And I backed into a lot of walls....

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  1. I love the bathroom redo! I need to get to work on all the things I have been putting off at my my office...hopefully by the end of the summer. Right???
    Endeavors in Education

  2. It looks AWESOME! I need one of those door hanger things and the drawers. I just shove everything in my cabinet and then I don't ever know what is going to fall out at me when I'm looking for something.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. It looks adorable! I want one of those over-the-cabinet holders- it's genius!!

    Sparkling in Seventh

  4. Looks great! I love how much better the shelf looks with the scrapbook paper!!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  5. You definitely brightened things up! Nice work. You know i'm a sucker for a good before and after photo. Love!

  6. What an improvement! I love how you used the scrapbook paper too! Genius you are! :)