07/2014 Goals

I am back with my goals link up this month, June just wasn't my month! #lifehappens 

Anyways, if you are new around here and not sure what my goals link up is, here is the short and sweet of it: rather than set new years resolutions this year that I would likely have forgotten about, I decided to set monthly goals based on what changes I want to make and how busy my life will be. Some months are better than others, buts its always nice to have this little ole blog to keep my accountable and I invite you to join me down the rabbit hole of never ending list making. #mytruepassion

So without further ado my July Goals.

Stop using so many hashtags, yea right but really I can try. 
Blog once a week, at least. 
Work on tweaking my sidebar text sizes and fonts and a grab me button.
Connect with more bloggers, Haley had mentioned she has a tendency to think another girl could be a great friend but then never acts on it, something I do ALL. OF. THE. TIME. Yes that needed caps, so I want to try and comment on blogs more than rather just think ohh I like this blogger...next.

health and fitness.
Get back into a weekly routine: 5 days a week.
Buy bigger weights or commit to a new gym membership.
Continue the whole30 journey.
Take a few days off drinking each week.

Reorganize and set up a better closet.
No new clothes shopping!
Organize my and set up my bathroom.
Create a gallery wall in my tv room and hang curtains.

Research and make a to do list for grad school.

Lay out by the pool.
Read a few books.
Reconnect with friends I haven't seen lately.
Go to the beach.

Yes I realize that was a lot of goals, but lets be real here I don't have a job to go to so I figure here is my chance to make the big changes in my life while I have time to think and plan...also here is hoping this leads to starting the school year off in a calm healthy way. 

I encourage you to link up to, even if you just have a few goals...or your goal is getting a tan...we all have something we want to get done this summer!

Linking up with Shanna.

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  1. These are great goals, I have to make some of my own. Such a sacker..ha!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire