Easy Breezy Summer

Oh summer, how I adore the. 

There is something so lovely about not having 'real' plans that involve work, instead I can spend hours tweaking my blog, an hour in the gym, an hour wondering around Target and maybe dinner won't be ready until 9:00 but who cares because its summer. And maybe you will stay up way too late with the mister discussing serious things...like the future...and he will take off early to go watch a soccer match, who cares because its summer. Summer is just easier especially when the thing on your to do list you didn't get to do was laying out at the pool. Yes I put laying out by the pool on a to do list. 

I will quit bragging about how lovely summer is...before you all stop following me...and just get on with linking up with Farley for this months currently.

Catching up on the Bachelorette before it gets ruined by silly social media, yes I am that invested in a reality show. 

Summer, see above.

I have had the future on my mind lately, in a good kind of way. 

As I enter my third year of teaching I keep tossing around the idea of grad school and realistically it needs to happen sooner than later if I ever want to finish. 

And silly me, the one who can't say no to anything, will be the head of our PBIS (positive behavior systems) this year. While it will look amazing on a resume I didn't realize that everyone on the team would be leaving the school and I would be all on my own to plan first week of school lessons for the whole school, professional development for the staff...hello panic thanks for setting in after I said yes. There is a part of me that wants to talk to my principal about my grad school plan and see if perhaps I could have a co-person to help me out with PBIS but I haven't heard the most positive things about our principal being flexible. So I am left mulling over it all for July until I come up with a solid plan.

I keep putting working out on the back burner, and I know setting a good routine over summer will help me transition into the school year easier but there always seems to be something getting in my way. soccer. trips to st. louis. blogging. The struggle is real.

To organize my closet, I haven't even wanted to admit how tiny my closet is because then I would have to accept it, so for now I am struggling with grabbing clothes that are wrinkled from being shoved together too closely or just buying new clothes each week. Both are awesome plans.

I should also start packing for St. Louis cause I don't think the mister would be all that happy to have to stop at every Target from Austin to St. Louis for me to buy new clothes...

4th plans.
Thursday we are heading up to St. Louis for a baseball game, two different concerts and to see the mister's family. I have no clue what are plans are exactly on the 4th, but as long as it involves fireworks and perhaps sparklers I will be a happy gal.

What are your plans for the 4th?
Any closet organization tips for tiny closets?


  1. Saw you on Farley's link up :) I was just saying how nice it is to not have "real" plans during the summer. The school year is always so scheduled, it's nice to just be. Love your blog design!
    Tales of Teaching in Heels

  2. baseball is perfect for the 4th.

    Good luck with the PBIS thing... been there, done that.... it's hard work, won't lie, but will be good!

    and yes, take it from me, go to grad school NOW!!!! I started 11 years ago... never finished, now it's too late!

    Hodges Herald

  3. I am currently fighting with my mind to get my workout done for the day!

  4. The struggle is real about working out! And good for you for heading up the PBIS program at your school! Also, getting grad school out of the way was such a lifesaver for me. Best of luck this next year!

    Prepping for the Primary Gridiron

  5. I have a tiny closet too and I just cleaned it out. It really makes everything easier to find once everything is organized. I got rid of stuff I don't wear and put stuff that isn't need right now in storage bins. You will feel amazing once you work out so you should totally go do it now. It is one hour a day that will make a huge difference. You can do it!
    Rambling About Reading

  6. I know I've been absent from the blogging world for a while, but OMG I love your new layout! So pretty! Did I miss pictures of the new apartment?! I'm gonna have to dig through the archives here!!!

  7. LOVE your new look! It's adorable! I went to St. Louis last year for a girl's getaway weekend and I LOVED it! We had so much! Enjoy your holiday!

    Short and Sassy Teacher

  8. Just buy new clothes..that's what I would do. I know, I know...then comes the issues with the credit card being used. Maybe we should see if there is a group out there that would like to sponsor poor teachers that like a lot of clothing. You think there is such a thing????
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'