I might not be the classiest...

This weekend I will be making a very quick (hopefully less than 24 hours all together) to Houston for a friend's baby shower. Said baby shower is at a tea room...there is no way I am classy enough for a tea room lets be real. When I mentioned this to one of the misters friends he said your more a jorts and beer sort of gal...and while I don't often sport jorts...insert never...I certainly fit more in there than in a tea room.

BUT the last time I had tea...god writing that statement is weird...for her bridal shower I was the girl who showed up late, hungover/drunk and stood out like a sore thumb. So my motto for tomorrow simple is: I might not be the classiest girl but I am not the trashiest.

And since I really should be packing...aka picking out a dress that is appropriate for tea...I am linking up with Erin for The Blogmopolitan Quiz to keep this blog post short and sweet.


  1. YES...I want you to have your own plane too!!!!!! We could go all over the world wearing "We aren't the classiest, but we aren't the trashiest" t-shirts. I'd even wear jorts for that!!! I have never in my life been to a TEA. I sure hope you take pictures. I need to see this. I wouldn't even know what to do. Is there a certain way you have to hold your tea cup? Pinky out? Pinky in? Hats? Do people wear hats to tea like the Kentucky Derby? Lace gloves? I need to know all the details..and don't you dare leave anything out. UNDERSTOOD???? XOXOX

  2. OK, Gigglebox, now I understand where the tea room thing came from. Clearly, I am behind in my blog reading. I was super confused by your text, but now I get it!!! Your real housewives tagline is PERFECT! This is why you're my friend. And I LOVE that Alison and I made your list! Let's make this happen... private plane or not! xoxo