04/2014 Goals

It's that time of the month again, time to do a little goal setting and perhaps actually keep a few more of them this month...a novel idea. 

Before we dig into April Goals I figured we should recap on my March goals, despite falling off the wagon on some of my more important goals I am not beating myself one bit. not one bit at all. Because the whole point of monthly goals is each month offers a fresh start, a chance to revise goals that aren't working and make small lifestyle changes in order to accomplish the things that are important to me.

March Goals:

one. Gym goals: two days of cardio, one day of weight training and one day of ball rolling.  Fail. I went to the gym 7 times the entire month.
two. Save money for Chicago. Fail. No money saved and I had to use a credit card to buy a dress for the wedding.
three. Beg or bug someone until I get a paycheck for my Robotics Competition...from December. Mild success, technically I finally got the signed paperwork today so tomorrow's plan is to drop it off at the downtown office.
four. Be more in the moment in the classroom with the students and less worried about admin responsibilities. Not really sure where this goal falls, perhaps it needs to be reworded.
five. Upload two new items to TPT. Success.
six. Refresh some of the pictures on Poshmark site. Success.
seven. Comment at least five times a week on other blogs. Major fail.
eight. Blog at least 3 times a week. Major fail.
nine. Finalize our living situation, 60 day notice must be given by the first day of April. Success, now to find a place to live.
ten. Set up at least two different social outings with friends. Success.
eleven. Call, close and cut up three credit cards. Mild Success, two out of three done, and one more will be done this week.
twelve. Make a dentist and doctor's appointment. Mild Success, doctors appointment scheduled but haven't even tried to located a dentist.
thirteen. Purchase and mail the bestie's bday present. Success.
fourteen. Finish and hang the dart board taking up half of my living room. Fail, another project started and left unfinished.
fifteen. Continue taking two nights off of drinking a week. Major fail.
sixteen. Plan something special for the our anniversary. Major fail.

Whew. Perhaps sixteen goals were a few too many and/or perhaps Spring Break killed my motivation to get anything accomplished. Shrug, good thing April is a new month

one. I am participating in Erin's #1800minutechallenge with over 900 other bloggers, the goal is to log at least 1800 minutes of activity from April 1st to May 31st. Not only do I have a nice little spreadsheet to log my workouts but I am nothing if not competitive so hopefully this helps my workout goals more this month. My goal should be to log at least half of my minutes in April in order to stay on track.

two. No credit card purchases.

three. Blog once a week, this month will be busy so I making my priority working out and not blogging.

four. Respond to all blog comments by the end of the week.

five. Find a place to live, sign paperwork and book the movers.

six. Go through the rest of the house, pull out items for garage sale and price items for garage sale. I have never done my own garage sale, is it wise to price items?

seven. Plan all outfits for Chicago and purchase accessories, shoes and makeup bag by the 20th. Send back whichever dress I won't wear to the wedding...because normal people buy three dresses for one day.

eight. Pack for Chicago. I always wait until the last minute and throw it all in a bag and hate myself later when I end up with eight pair of shoes and one pair of pants.

nine. Get ahead in lesson planning and grading so that when I miss three days of school I don't hate myself...refuse to go back to that mess...cry!

ten. Tackle one project at a time, one week at a time. I have a large problem with allowing too many to do's overwhelm me and with so much going on over the next six weeks I need to focus on one item at a time. Or else I will end up curled in a hole on my couch chugging wine and refusing to pack for anything.

So now its your turn to join the party! The rules are simple, cause there really aren't any, write out your April goals, grab the button and then link up to the party. 

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  1. Oh...liking your goals this month! How fun that you will have movers. We had movers the last time we moved and I loved it. It was so much less stressful than trying to do it myself! Maybe if I worked out it wouldn't be so bad. I'll be linking up later this week! :)
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'