Currently: April

It's time for April's Currently with Farley and considering its already the 9th I figured I would be in the 500's so 293 ain't too shabby. not one bit. 

Listening: Dallas is a pretty awesome TV my opinion...but for some reason I have backed up a bit on watching this season. Along with Justified. Hart of Dixie. And a few other shows. Our DVR box has over 50 shows on it currently...first world problems...and considering we are stuck changing cable providers when we move we need to clear off our DVR box. 

Loving: My classroom dynamics right now are downright amazing. There is something about this time of year when we have settled into our grooves that my eighth graders and I just click. Don't get me wrong I have a class that definitely challenges me, but one out of six ain't bad. I was watching my students today as they diligently worked on HTML coding, making website banners and image mapping I was downright giddy with how far they have come and how much more challenging I have been able to make my class. 

As one of my third period students sought out his endless need for praise today, I was reminded how much I will miss him challenging each and every thing I say. As one of my fifth period students mocked me, then followed it up with...I love you miss...I realized how much I will miss his quirky sense of humor. And then their is my homeroom class...and I probably will just cry big ugly tears once they all get promoted to high school.

This is my first group of students to watch go from 6th graders to 8th graders and I feel invested in them and as we start the final countdown until the last day of school I am realizing just how important they really have become in my life. I am ending the mush now...but be warned there will probably be more to come as we inch towards the finish line.

Thinking: So our homeroom class is used for social and emotional building. It's something our students desperately need BUT it can be difficult to have them see the importance in the topics or lessons. This week's topic is Drug and Alcohol Abuse...and I was informed around 3rd period today so I had zero time to prep. 

There is a fine line between having a 'real' conversation and judging choices. We are told to avoid personal stories BUT the only other option is to just read the script we are provided which seems so cold and really doesn't impact them one bit. So I can't stop thinking what I can do to generate a real and meaningful conversation tomorrow during homeroom. Honestly I might feel more comfortable having the sex talk with them.

Wanting: Stamina...go ahead and get your head out of the gutter...I have been participating in Erin's #1800minutechallenge and my love for competition has my head in the game when it comes to going to the gym after work. But I am so over feeling like I am going to black out mid work out. 

I get to the gym pumped up...cause really just pulling into the parking lot feels like a win...and get my tunes jamming, I knock out the first 10 or so minutes with 60 or so flights of stairs...

and then I lose my mojo and seriously start seeing stars. My body basically thinks its dying. 

I am trying to determine if I am not eating the right thing before a work out or I am just so out of shape that my body really is just revolting. 

Needing: A girl day. Dying my hair. Doing my nails. Laying in the bubble bath with a glass of wine and a good book. Skyping with the bestie. A girl day plain and simple is something I am trying to desperately to pencil in between planning a garage sale, a trip to Chicago and a move.

Hours and Last Day: Our contract hours are 7:45-3:45 and every Thursday we are required to stay for meetings until close to 5:00. If I am honest I can probably count the times I have left at 3:45 on one hand...before you start feeling sorry for me...I can also tell you that unless I have morning duty I generally role in around 8:00. Our last day with students is June 5th, we are required to attend our last staff meeting June 8:00 am...the cruelty in that is unreal. And summer school starts June no rest for the wicked.

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  1. You should not ignore John Ross. He's as sneaky as his father! I haven't watched Hart of Dixie in forever. Is the season over? Still haven't watched Justified. I'm in the middle of Game of Thrones. Lots of gore. I need a girl day too!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. I love me some Dallas! I guess I'm a little prejudice, seeing as how I'm from Dallas ;)
    Stoked your classroom dynamics are still gelling.....this time of year is always a test of your sanity.

  3. Maybe we should do manis/pedis when you're in Chicago? Two birds with one stone?