What's Really Important?

I have this horrible tendency to focus on being perfect or portraying the put together woman that I should be...ere think I should be.

Every weekend I make this ridiculously long to do list and bust my butt to complete each and every item. If guests are coming I scrub the house from top to bottom...and generally even when guests aren't coming...lay out the towels perfectly folded and hell if it wasn't too weird I I would probably put mints on the pillows.

I lay out outfits every Sunday so I will look as put together as I can come Monday, I paint my nails, pack a workout bag, pack a lunch bag, tackle the laundry and iron the mountain of clothes because dry cleaning doesn't fit in the budget. Put together a menu, grocery list and grocery shop. Basically I spend 48 hours running around like a crazy person in the hopes of being ready to tackle the next week.

I learned this crazy process from my parents: weekends were spent doing laundry, cleaning the house, grocery shopping and cooking. I never really saw my parents enjoying themselves, each other or life.

But what's the cost?

My parents ended a very unhappy marriage after eighteen years of 'the rat race' and while there problems were probably bigger than working to be perfect, it probably was a factor.

What's my point here...good question...

Last Friday and Saturday I spent most of my free time prepping for a garage sale and we hit our target goal and then doubled it. Bonus we got rid of all of the big furniture items we needed to get rid of. Double win.

So just like any other weekend I made my to do list and tried to shove it all into Sunday and around 2:00 I just quit. 

Was I just taking care of things or was I taking care of myself?

Instead of worrying about my to do list I decided to do a few things that would make me happy and instead of the endless exhaustion and stress I had been feeling lately I suddenly was feeling a little lighter. Crazy right?

.Bubble baths. 
A glass of wine doesn't hurt either!

.Spend money when it makes sense. 
Take the clothes to the dry cleaners every once in a while, it won't kill the budget. 

.Read a Book. 
I have read 3 books this past week...yes they are cheesy romantic books but I love them so what?!?

Get a Hobby. 
Painting is mine, definitely something I plan to pick back up after we move.

Quick and Healthy Meals. 
Stop trying to make elaborate meals if you don't have the time, keep a few healthy frozen meals in the fridge just in case.

I have doing these two yoga routines from Tone It Up on repeat lately: one and two.

Yes you have a budget but that doesn't mean you can't treat yourself every once in a while.

.Special Beauty Routines. 
Scrub your legs, holy crap they will feel amazing after this. Scrub your face. Coconut oil your hair, so soft and worth it.

Quality Time.
Put the phone away some nights and enjoy your loved ones company. Skype with your bestie even when you should be *insert chore. Grab a glass of a wine with a friend and just relax together.

Keep the to do list short and sweet. 
Adding more than five things a night to my to do list is unrealistic and unhealthy, figure out what works for you!

How do you take care of yourself?

- The Babbling Box!

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  1. I have never in my life taken anything to the dry cleaner. I think I need to branch out. You won't catch me trying to make any elaborate meals. Lol! I've been putting the phone down lately to watch Game of Thrones and House of Cards with Jerm. You just can't not pay attention to them and we have been loving both shows. I know it's not all that exciting that we are hanging out on the couch, but at least I'm actually paying attention! Awesome that you guys doubled your goal on the garage sale. P.S. Your weekends remind me of June Cleaver. You're making me feel guilty that I don't lay out my outfits! XOX