I'm Just Going To Live In My Classroom...

Every Monday during 3rd period my students ask me how my weekend was and I do the same. And yesterday I was incredible happy to return to my students, because I was NOT looking at apartments. If you follow me on instagram...you know how well that went. So as I mentioned that apartment looking was exhausting and we were no closer to finding a place then we were on Friday. One of my students told me I should just move into my classroom...

you know section off a portion of the room and just live there...

and really if it weren't for the dirty boy smell, the need to shower occasionally and of course the rats...it was a genius plan.

Because here is how apartment looking went over the last 48 hours:

.the mister called over 12 apartments bright and early Saturday morning...aka...after a long night of drinking and betting on Turtle Races...just a normal Friday night.

But I went apartment looking anyways.

.we were left with two apartments to tour. Apparently it is common practice to not answer your phone, lie on your website and think we are 'hilarious' for just now looking for an apartment...60 days before we move. Customer service my a**!

.we stopped by a place I was lusting after to be told: the rent was $200 over our budget and if we didn't sign now we probably wouldn't get the only apartment they had available. But best of luck!

.we went to the second place and my reaction was pretty much...drive...drive very quickly...anywhere but here...

.we saw a third place that looked amazingish...of course I can only tell you what their office looked like because they had no 'available' units to even show us an apartment. I could never determine if they were being honest about the come back later on in the week or just too lazy to get up.

There website advertised well...rock climbing wall, organic garden, hammocks by the pool, totally renovated. Then I broke the cardinal rule...never read apartment ratings...but I did and I read a lot about roaches, more roaches, saw pictures of mold and then there were the bats...oh the bats...

.we sped by another place. When I say sped, I mean we saw the place and literally feared for our lives and sped away. 

We would have stood out more than this...so much more than this...

.we went to one final place hoping for a tour. Instead we waited close to 30 minutes while the woman in front of us explained her cps case to the apartment complex. While waiting we got to see 'the sights' a very odd cement shaped patio with no patio furniture, followed by the drained swimming pool and rounded out by a woman dumping dirty dish washer over her balcony. Needless to say we stopped waiting and just left.

At that point we stopped the apartment looking and just went to The Tavern. The Tavern was having their 80th birthday so they had 80 cent Fireball shots and 80 cent Tecates...basically the cure to all failed apartment looking.

We also ventured out on Sunday, but no story was really worth retelling. 

As of now we have: living in my classroom, having bats as pets or possibly getting mugged or robbed. So I am pretty sure living in my classroom is the winning option right now. The struggle is real guys...real.

So how exciting was your weekend?

- The Babbling Box!


  1. I am sorry y'all didn't find what you were looking for. :( Did you know that little kid teachers get this question every year..."Where is your bed?". True story. Little kids think their teachers live in their classrooms. They might be on to something. Maybe the place that said come back will have something. XO

  2. Hang in there! I love the gifs- haha! Especially Jim from The Office..!

  3. Apartment hunting sucks. Joel and I drive past them often, and they're always either too expensive or a resounding "No!" from me. I like to judge apartment complexes by the cars I see in the lot. Call me a snob, whatever. This is why we rent houses. Also... have you seen Chicago winters? I NEED a garage!

  4. I know how frustrating apartment-hunting could be, but I don't recommend staying in your classroom! Haha! That tavern sidetrip must have been a relief for you guys. I just hope you've gotten one by now! I know how rewarding it is to have your effort rewarded with a great find!

    Carter Hughes @ H2 Real Estate