Getting Drunk Off HGTV

It's official!

The mister and I have a place to live and will in fact not be living in my I previously discussed.

I have exactly zero pictures to show you because:
.the mister actually gets a lunch break to do 'productive' things and I don't
.I actually get off of work before every office closes but the mister doesn't
.we did not take a tour of the grounds
.the apartment we saw was not the floor plan we decided on...please explain to my how it makes sense to put the sink in the bedroom with no door...
.all of our lease paperwork was done online so technically until we need the key we have no reason to stop by for anything

So I can promise you this: I am crossing every finger possible that we don't end up in a whore house...or worse! But hey considering it was only a hundred bucks over our budget beggars can't be choosers.

This gif has nothing to do with this post but it has Timothy Olyphant in it so I call it a win!

Some very exciting facts about the complex...besides the possibility of whores...
.it is 3 miles away from my school...and this includes no freeway driving
.there is a pool! My students most likely live there so I will have the pleasure of hanging out at the pool with them this summer
.there is an HEB Plus at the light to turn onto my currently takes me a good 20-30 minutes to get to a grocery store...but my students shop there
.there is a Planet Fitness at the light as well...that my students frequent

I was feeling a little melancholy about saying goodbye to my 8th graders at the end of the school year but it looks like I will be getting even more quality time with them...a teachers dream!

Not afraid to admit that I am a little scared to run into the students in gangs though...they scare the shit out of me during school hours when I am supposed to be pleasant to everyone...running into them in a dark parking lot not really my dream come true.

Either way we have a place to live: focusing on the positive!

Between the idea of decorating a new place, endless talks of buying a house and then apartment hunting my typical ridiculous obsession of all things HGTV has reached epic proportions. Screw cleaning off my DVR I want all things HGTV at all hours of the day. And because my sister knows me so well she sent me this pin on pinterest this evening I couldn't resist slapping it in this blog post...cause a good blog post has to have pictures...

HouseHuntersDrinkingGame.jpg (625×1564)
The link from pinterest sends me to a bad link but I would love to give credit to whomever made this because it is straight up genius!

I can tell you that if anyone was apartment hunting with us and playing this game they would be trashed...or perhaps not everyone has my tolerance...

Which items would you guess we said while apartment looking?
Are you guilty of any of these HGTV sayings?

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  1. That's a good house hunters drinking game.. my gawd you'd pissed within ten minutes..!

    Yah for you and the Mister for finding a place! I can't tell if you're being sarcastic about seeing your students everywhere or not... !! Part of me thinks you won't mind but another thinks that would kinda blow having to 'behave' everywhere you go.

    Either way, I'm super happy for you two. The stress of finding a place is over. I look forward to the pictures!

  2. YAAAAAAAY! So happy that the new place is a go. I just have one question...are you still going to have a dressing room?
    We need to think of some hip disguises for you guys when you're out and about. At least your kids won't be in the bars close by (hopefully), but that doesn't mean their parents won't be there. ahahaha
    I have a problem solver for that....When ever I've seen parents out and they give me the evil eye...I promptly waltz up to them and say, "Who is at home with your child?" Works every more dirty looks. :)