Morning Glory

On my last night of summer, I enjoyed a good bottle of red wine and a really bad romantic comedy. I must admit my girl crush is Rachel McAdams, so when I saw Morning Glory on Netflix it became my only option best free option.

The big moral of the movie is that the main character finds a home at a news station and an important role but then gets offered her dream job some place else. She weighs heavily on leaving the place she made a home and suddenly she gets this sign that she should stay.

As I embark on my second year of teaching I reminded of my journey to teaching. I had this incredible place that I felt was home, the law firm, and had made my nitch there. But I ended up leaving it for a job that impacted me more. I will never doubt my decision because I believe it was possible the second most important decision of my adult life, followed by moving in with Mr. B. Although I do miss having a close relationship with my coworkers and that familia relationship I had at the law firm. My hope by doing the new hire training this week is that I will have the chance to form some of these close relationships and if not I will work harder to make these relationships this semester. A promise to myself or new year resolution, if you will.

This post was completely unexpected but I always wanted this blog to be a representation of my life and where I am at, so it felt completely natural.

Posts with classroom information or pictures from my trip are to follow.

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