Days of Splishing and Splashing

Boy oh boy am I beat. While traveling is so enjoyable, it can also be super exhausting. New hire training starts Monday, which I have been given the option to attend since I did not get to last year and when I heard the word stipend I dragged my feet committing to ending summer a week early signed right up. Teachers need any extra money they can get!

Yikes! That means my summer officially ends Sunday. I will most likely be scrambling over the next few days to care of all of my personal errands, some of which I could of taken care over the last two months but I have a such a problem procrastinating in my personal life. 

I decided to dedicate this post to my little brother, Daniel, who is turning 6 today. We celebrated as a family two weekends ago with a swimming party so that everyone would be able to attend, having three older adult siblings makes that very difficult. From someone who also has a summer birthday I know how disappointing it can be to have birthday parties and have no one show up. While my brother only had five kids attend he celebrated like any typical six year old: splishing, splashing and water gun fights.

For me he is always a breath of fresh air and a constant reminder to try and spend more time with my family because each time I see him his personality changes and grows. We might never have the closest relationship being 21 years apart but I want to be a constant in his life.

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