Made it Mondays!

I have been wanting to link up to the Made it Mondays with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for a few weeks but it seems that all of my projects are sort of in a half made status.

We had our new teacher orientation at the campus today and I was able to meet a bunch of the new teachers, we have close to 20 joining our team, so it was a full day with little time in my room to complete any projects. I am skipping the district orientation tomorrow as all of this new teacher training is optional for me and plan on knocking out a bunch of half done projects.

I spent this weekend being a little crafty for myself. All across pinterest I have been seeing these Menu Boards that were super cute and organized. While I might not be cooking for anyone besides myself most nights, I still struggle to come up with dinner ideas every night. So I was doing what I do best, pinteresting for new recipes like every other day. A complete waste of time. Probably not the best use of my time. My hope is that with the menu board I will always know what needs to be defrosted before work. Also, I have a large amount of options that I can add to and on the back of each slip of paper I can write down where I found it and won't have to check between my bookmarks, blogs and pinterest for the recipe. This should also streamline making grocery lists. I have been way too lax this summer with little gym time and eating out, so now that the school year is starting I think the menu board will get me back on track.
The board came together very simply: a cookie sheet from the dollar store, fun scrapbook paper from Michael's, Mod Podge Glue, magnets and a grocery list. All of these items can be changed out depending on your needs which is one of the reasons I thought the project was so fabulous!
The basic supplies.

Finished Product!
On a off topic side note, I have been going back and forth on my whole class rewards. I already use Preferred Activity Time on Fridays as a classroom motivation, which works wonderfully! But I also like to use a secondary reward to keep up with often changing moods of middle schoolers. I have the template for the 100 chart from a workshop, does anyone out there use it? Explain how it works or if it would work with 6 different periods? Suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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