I have been wanting to try out one of these currently's for a while and what better time then when I am supposed to be tackling my long pre-vacation to do list, link up to with Oh' Boy Fourth Grade to grab the template.

My B2S must haves are the next three I plan to focus on when I get back from vacation.

I have seen some amazing Master Teacher Binder examples out there on Pinterest and have loads of ideas from The Curriculum Corner and the binder cover has already been made and dividers purchased I just need to take the time to sit down and lay out what I want in my binder. My goal to ultimate having a folder for each class, binder for lesson plans, and my teacher binder. I want the MECA of binders!

A refocus zone has been in my mind for a while but my old classroom set up had too much furniture as it was so I could never really make it work. I have just the space in my new design so I think a single desk for the annoying disruptive out of hand student is the perfect way to remove the student from the class as a whole but still keep them in my room and allow them 3-5 minutes to collect themselves and complete a reflection sheet. Just need to bribe the custodians for a single desk, they must be sooo sick of me!

The silly side of me loves pictures with fake mustaches, bow ties and big glasses. With my awesome Manda Pro's there is a built in camera at each students work space, lucky me! My get to know you project is going to last over the first five days as we go over procedures, and with only 30 or so minutes on the first day of school I thought the perfect ice breaker would be to take silly pictures for their project and enforces the concept of saving items on their personal drive to break up me just talking about procedures. Yes, I just found a way to make mustaches, bow ties and big glasses apart of my lesson plan, hehe! I found some awesome sets of 3 mustaches on a stick for a $1.00 at Walmart, so I scooped up 3 packs but I definitely need to find some more cheap props.

I am off to pack before Mr. B officially hides my computer, so I leave you with my sillyness!

The Babbling Box!


  1. It was my first time to link up, too!! I love your idea of having silly props for the first day! Your kids will love it!!

  2. So cute! Love your box of silliness idea!

    I found you through the currently linky and am your newest follower!

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  3. Have a great trip! Love the pic! ;)
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  4. Love staying in my pajamas passed noon!

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  5. Thanks for sharing! I found you on the August Currently!
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  6. Haha! The mustache picture cracks me up! Have a good time in Orlando!
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