Back to School Jitters

Tonight I am linking up with Jessica at A Turn To Learn, which I stumbled upon at the most perfect time. I have been super stressed with all of my training this week and my lack of time in my classroom that my to do list will never get done by the 27th. Honestly, its probably just back to school jitters, so why not blog about them. Bonus about this linky is the fun lego heads, I HEART legos!

Here are the rules for the Linky Party:
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The Babbling Box!


  1. I am SO glad that you enjoyed the Lego heads as much as I did :) I love legos! Good luck with the start of the school year!
    Learning Adventures with Mrs. Gerlach
    P.S. I am your newest follower! :)

  2. I'm always happy to find middle school blogs as well, they seem to be few and dar between :). Thanks for following, I returned the favor for you. Make sure to link up and post to my Meet the Teacher Night Linky Party!
    Happy blogging!
    Teacher Wife

  3. I totally agree that things will get done when they get done! We always worry that we won't be ready but somehow we are. :)