Let's Go On a Tour!

Every poster has been taped down, every bulletin board has been hot glued and every box has been labeled. So I guess that means, I am ready! Fingers crossed and anxiousness aside I am terrible excited for tomorrow.

Follow me on my classroom tour, excuse the pictures if they look a little squished. I also uploaded a slideshow onto my classroom website and the space was small so I had to edit them once and I am a tad too lazy today to edit twice, although I did use picmonkey to create collages to help prevent this from become massively long.

My classroom as of November last year, after our first rearrangement. Keep in mind that everything on the walls was from the teacher two years ago.

My classroom as of today!

Both the welcome sign and in this classroom sign were images I made in publisher and then sent to vistaprint and I absolutely love HEART them! My classroom is on a hallway with just the life Lifeskills room so students get so confused when they first come down to find my room. The bookshelf right inside the door hold my six periods raffle ticket jars, six magazine holders for ongoing work, my SEL(sort of like homeroom two days a week) binders and various books.

This is my classroom from the door and from my desk, the pictures are definitely squished here because my room looks so much bigger than this, but you get the idea.

This is my west wall. First up is the student expectations and procedures, my favorite sign I made is the wrong is wrong sign. Also I made a sign that asks students to assess themselves, are you an expert, novice, etc and explains what all four mean, I am super excited about using that to have students do self assessments. And finally my TEK wall, I am lucky and that all three of my electives have the same TEK's and its a semester class so they are pretty short.

Here is the back of the classroom and east wall. My walls have a ton of metal piping on them, so a lot of my east wall gets broken up and is hard to beautify. On the back wall and east walls I have two Technology in Action sections to display student work, borrowed from Sent From My Ipad. Next to one of the Technology in Actions is my volume level sign, with an arrow that can move around to display what our volume level should be for the day. Next, my word wall is also on my back wall, just waiting for words! And finally I have a section of my wall devoted to What Inspires Us, to be able to display different brochures I get about various careers.

Here is the front of the room, which contains tons of storage and my desk area. I have seen tons of teacher toolboxes made during my blog stalking this summer and while I would of loved to make one I knew it wouldn't be logical for my classroom. Instead a covered another rolling cart with the fitted sheet fabric and will use it to store supplies that we need while leaving the rest of the supplies in the cabinets. Teaching 3 electives I need different things during different periods, so by having most of the cart covered I can keep all the supplies out but not on display for any sticky fingered students. My turn in basket is placed right on the corner of my desk for easy access for students as they leave or enter the room. Followed by my desk and whiteboard organization which I completely HEART, I feel like I truly have a place for everything and it will keep me and my students so organized.

This is the door area of my room, I have most of my individual lego kits stored in the cabinets just waiting for students to write their name on the labels. I also have the What Do I Do Now board for students to come up to when they are finished or of course a couple of extra chairs, some of my rosters are showing 33 students right now and I only have 30 workstations.

And finally the exit area of the room, I have my Give me an H sign which I adapted and borrowed from Inside this Book. I adapted mine to be Handshake, High Five or Hilarious saying and I posted a bunch of sayings. I also have the tardy consequences, sign in sheet and procedures posted by the door for easy access. And finally my "Cool Down Section" because my room is so far away from others I don't really have a buddy teacher to send disruptive students to, so I created a separate desk for students to sit at and relax and complete a reflection form. Both my reflection form and tardy form are hanging and ready for students to grab as they need it. My favorite sign is the someday your the pigeon, someday your the poop which I printed from Technology Rocks printables. I also have decided to use my door as a place to post quotes I HEART and find via blogging or pinterest, something I am doing on both sides of the door to add more color and visual interest.

And these are just a few random snapshots I took, I am bound and determined to find a good way to take a picture of my curtains, I HEART them too much for them to not be shown off.

Whew! If you are still reading thank you, I know this was a ton of pictures! I am just so happy with how the room turned out, I have more small things to do before our Open House night but I feel like the room is pretty much set. A big thank you to all of my fellow teacher bloggers out there, I tried to link up to as many as I remember taking something from but really every ones blogs have been so inspiring.

And last but not least I am linking up to a bunch of Classroom Tour linkys...

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