Monday Made It: Presents!

Happy Monday! 

Last night I typed up this melancoly post filled with my latest angst well prepared to slap a rambling babbling post on you this Monday evening. But then this morning as I was prepping for another day of summer school I was reading Alison's post and it made me smile and encouraged me to do a little crafting this afternoon. 

Not only was crafting on my summer bucket list but it also makes me feel so much happier, lighter and just a little more like me. A feeling I have been missing since moving.

So without further ado, a few Monday Made It's...

My cousin graduated from high school a few weeks ago but this upcoming weekend is his graduation party, so I plan to trek it a nice five hours across Texas to celebrate with him. I only have two cousins on my mom side so gotta support the family. I basically planned to give him money cause all graduates want...need, desire, thirst But I am me and I enjoy something a little more creative. Insert #pinterest

I bought a dollar frame from the Dollar Store and used some crafting paper and stickers I already might notice spacing is not my strong basically make a card that I found cute and funny. But oh so true. Considering most cards cost close to five bucks I considered it a win!

Since I am going to Houston next weekend I demanded my dad drive over to my mom's side of town to eat brunch with me, and then wrangled my sister and brother into the mix. I might sound bossy but my dad is always willing to please me and it generally takes the will of the gods to have all three of us in the same place at the same time. #bestdaughteraward

I wanted to make him a card that was corny and special...insert pinterest of course. I saw a few different candy poems that I adored but I wanted to make sure the card read ME, so I worded it the way I wanted and added a cute paper border to frame the card. These cards can be made for anyone and any occasion, you just have to word it to fit the person/situation.

I will say the Dollar Store paid off again and I scored big with a bunch of extra candy, woe is me. I figure I might use it as a bride for my summer school darlings.

My last made it is a cooking made it and it is the easiest made it ever. Easier than the last two if you can imagine that. 

I have been on a whole30 kick lately and absolutely loving it. Let's be real: I am skipping over the cheese and booze rule. And have a whole blog post dedicated to the why's and how's of the whole30 mess, coming up. But for now I have a simple and delicious recipe to share tonight:

Kale & Sausage Bake

I will probably get three meals out of this 15 minutes of my life, plus I threw a egg fried in coconut oil on top so it truly felt like I was breaking all the rules and eating breakfast for dinner. Delicious, easy and favorite combination.

Eight more days of summer school and then I am officially FREE!

What easy crafting ideas are you working on this summer?
What is your favorite way to prep healthy meals?

- The Babbling Box!


  1. YAY! I'm so glad you decided to do crafty stuff today....I love when you get crafty!!! The graduation gift is awesomeness! I am SO doing this next year when I get graduation announcements in the mail. I have made one of those candy cards before, but it was a LONG time ago. I should make one for Jerm's birthday in August. He would love that! I'm definitely going to have to try this kale and sausage thing!!! XOXOXO
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Your gift ideas are cute and super thoughtful. Rob's aunt and uncle framed our wedding invitation and on the back there was a $100 in the inside of the glass that read Break In Case Of Emergency. Needless to say- it's not there anymore. lol

  3. Nice job on the crafting! I have that candy poster pinned from years ago and still haven't made it. Actually, unless it's a recipe, I probably haven't done 99% of what I've pinned over the years.

  4. Ha, I love that your skipping the wine and cheese rule.. somethings are just necessary in life! Thank you so much for linking up, I'm sorry I didn't stop by sooner!

    Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road