So I am going to go ahead and admit that I have been very very pouty lately...and not the cute pouty girl but the girl who needs to get over it. Whatever it might be.

I was less than thrilled with starting summer school yesterday, on my birthday no less. I pretty much let it put a damper on my birthday and summer. Real talk: there are only 12 more days of summer school then I am officially free. And the money is so worth it. So I need to get over it.

If you have been following me for long you know I heart the toneitup exercise videos and try to incorporate at least two different videos a week into my workout routine, this summer they have focused on the whole concept of creating your own summer which is super cute. And they are super cute. Major girl crush on my part. And then the lovely Erin at Living in Yellow made a fun little link up with her summer bucket list. 

It felt like the blogging gods were calling to me to shelf the sour puss attitude and focus on all the fun things that I want to happen this summer...

.rule the pool. 
.buy a fun pool float.
.have a snow cone. or two.
.take a road trip.
.dance for no reason.
.go to a baseball game.
.watch the sunset.
.be active at least five times a week.
.experiment more in the kitchen.
.paint something.
.bar b que. getting our pit to the new apartment was a task in half, we should use it.
.girl time.
.see a concert. or a few.
.finish setting up my tv room.
.wear less makeup. and bra's.
.read a few good books.
.squeeze in some relaxing family time.
.watch every episode of PLL. cause duh its awesome!

What am I missing, what would be on your summer bucket list?
Is anyone else nearly excited as I am about Pretty Little Liars coming back tonight?

Also my teacher pals out there, I am teaching 8th grade math during summer school and we have 3 hours with the students which is a TON of time, so any fun activities, resources or games you can suggest would be greatly appreciated!

- The Babbling Box!

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  1. You KNOW I'm flippin' excited about PLL coming on tonight!!!! Yeah! I almost want to go back and watch Season 4 again on Netflix though! I'm definitely going to wear less bras this summer. I'm going to beat you at this since you have to wear one to Summer School! LOL! Happy birthday again my bacon lovin' BBB! I heart you! Muah! xo