Five For Friday: Hello Summer!

Summer is officially setting in round these parts and I had the loftiest goal of actually getting a third blog post out this week before 9:00 but I was too busy know to celebrate summer and all.

In order to keep this short and sweet I figured I would share a few things I have been loving this week...

one. Summer began with an ambush, as we ended summer school a day earlier than expected and gave the students all of a ten minute notice at the end of the school day. It was glorious.

two. The mister took Thursday off and since I also had Thursday off our apartment became the best place to watch the soccer matches...even if I hadn't been off the mister would have done this anyways.

 We decided since we were both off to go out for lunch at some place besides our usual, and really what's more American than fried chicken...

three. Two weeks ago I had my hair cut at the Aveda Institute for 6 bucks...yes you read that hair dresser of eight years left the state...pretty rude in my I needed a trim and figured why the hell not. I would never say it was an amazing haircut but it was what I needed for the summer time. As I was leaving the girl of course tried to sell me on their products, and since I am a sucker I walked out with this:

basically you put this in your damp hair and blow dry your hair and your hair doesn't need a straightner, its just straight. I will say I like to run a straightner over the top layer just to make it smoother and I am a tad OCD. But here is the beauty of this product, for the next three days no matter how many times I throw it up in a ponytail I can always pull it down, brush it out and BOOM straight hair. It has saved me sooo much time getting ready already that I am in LOVE.

four. To celebrate the begining of my summer and as a belated birthday present to myself I decided to do a little shopping today, I had four things on my wish list: a kimono, cute summer tops, a purse and cute headbands. I was super frustrated with the mall so I stopped my Nordstrom's Off The Rack and walked away with so many cute things. Plus I got seven items for a hundred bucks, which is an awesome deal in my book. 

I am in LOVE.

I am still on the hunt for a cute new purse, suggestions?

five. My blogging bestie Alison mentioned how much she enjoys sharing ecards with her friends and I of course annoy the mister to no end constantly bugging him to read ecards that I find hilarious, so I was struck with the most genuis idea last night. I got all tech savvy and started sharing a few ecards with her and she has been sending me a few that have me cracking up...meaning I was laughing at my phone will standing in line at the grocery store today...totally normal!

I told my boyfriend to join pinterest 'because it's fun.' Really, I just want him to follow me so he'll know what to buy me.

Funny Teacher Week Ecard: If you're going to be a teacher, you'll need to consider developing a drinking problem immediately. 

Maybe Abby should do this for those that don't do their homework assignments:  Funny Teacher Quotes

six. Yes I know this is called five for Friday, but I like breaking's summertime rules are meant to be broken. Today Eminem's daughter graduated high school, which makes me feel incredible old...if you are unaware I have a small obsession with him and have ever since he graced our radio stations with Slim Shady. So in honor of him today I sharing one of my top five favorite songs from him...I could probably turn this into a post in and of itself but I promised you short and sweet!

Happy Friday, hope your weekend is filled with sunshine and good boozy drinks!

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  1. WTH...where is the picture of the product you bought??? It's not there. I NEED to know if it's the same exact thing that I bought. You got out lucky...$6 for a haircut and only bought one product. Last time I got my hair done at Aveda I think it ended up being almost $300 because I got suckered into like 11 things that I never even used because I don't even like brushing my hair most days because I'm so lazy. I see the SCARF! You and the Mister are cutie-patooties. You really should have been drinking the "American" Budweiser with your fried chicken...just sayin'! I'm on the hunt for some more ecards right now. I am sure I can find some funnier ones besides these...although these are pretty priceles. I'm friends with the monster that's under my bed............I love Eminem, but you're right....we are old as dirt if his daughter graduated....and I'm older than you, so I must be Egyptian mummy status. XOXOXOXOXOOX

  2. Love that kimono you got - so cute! I may or may not also have a "wishlist" pinterest board for basically the same reason as ecard #1 ;)