This Week

Some weeks I feel like I am not really a teacher...maybe a glorified babysitter...or just a body to be in the room. 

I am not necessarily complaining, but we just finished week five of the semester and looking ahead at the calendar we most likely won't have a normal week until sometime in March...then its state really this semester is starting off ...just plain odd.  This post started to sound super b*tchy so I threw in my highlights for the week...believe me some days were hard to find highlights past sleeping, booze and laying on the couch. 

See for yourself:

Monday:  I am not going to lie, Monday I was tired and cranky. There was a small possibility I would have my PDA's that day so I forced myself to perk know fake it till you make it..but by 6th period the PDA's was off the table and I was ready to pull a scene straight from Bad Teacher for the next kid who complained. FYI, this was the only day I saw all eight periods all week.

Highlight: Watching The Bachelor and linking up with Farley for this month's tired I truly was I titled the post January Currently!

Tuesday: We had MOY testing, middle of the year assessments, our practice run before the big state testing starts in April. My job: the restroom walker! I escorted students one by one that needed to use restroom to the restroom waited until the did their business and then returned them to their assigned room. This was my job from 8:00 - 12:00...can you say exciting?!?

Each floor had a wing monitor who you reported to, but our floor had that want to be wing monitor. She really wanted a radio, like the way I really want a new pair of boots. So she took to bossing everyone around on our floor. After the second time of her telling me how to do my job...because walking students to the restroom requires brain cells...I was ready to shove that stupid clipboard down her throat.

We did see our odd classes after MOY testing but it was for 30 minutes so really there was barely time to do anything but warm ups and clean up. 

Highlight: My new haircut! It doesn't look too different but I lost over 10 inches so there was definitely a change made.



Wednesday:  We had our normal odd classes of the day, which should have been an easy day...except for 5th period there are two girls I pray don't show up each day. Yes I just said that. They both showed up...tardy no less. And within two minutes of sitting down one girl was loudly started complaining about having to pee. Honestly I am not sure why she didn't during her 10 minute passing period...since she was already tardy...but there I go using brain cells.

She eventually just got up and walked out and then returned 15 minutes later, saying she talked to the front office about having to pee and its all taken care of. I actually felt the need to wring her neck. Instead I calmly typed up her referral for walking out and her 4th tardy, school policy. After school I was trying to get to the gym and packing up my stuff when said girls mom called and chewed me out for 45 minutes. For counting her daughter tardy, not letting her go pee, telling her she could pee on the floor...which I didn't...really there was no reasoning with her. Plus she already told her daughter if she needed to go to the bathroom it was okay to just walk out. At that point I said f*ck the gym and just went home and had a drink.

Highlight: Linking up with Haley to write this post, the mister was not very pleased with the post and is planning his rebuttals. 

Thursday:  We had a two hour late start due to cold weather. I wasn't expecting this and didn't find out until I was mostly ready to go, so I took an hour nap and just went up to the school early to plan a lesson...actually teacher stuff!

As a CTE teacher I am required to be in all transition ARD's for our eighth graders transitioning to high school. I get pulled from my planning time or class period to sit in ARD's for students I don't even know or do know every Thursday...sometimes twice a day.

This Thursday was no different I had a ARD scheduled at 10:00, I didn't leave that ARD until 1:00. THREE HOURS!!!  The only words I even said were my name and title, so my input was obliviously crucial. I missed my planning period, lunch and one entire class period. Fantastic!

Highlight: Finding out we had a snow day Friday, last night at 8:30...we never find out until hours before so I went to bed knowing I would be getting my twelve hours of sleep...actually more like 14.

Friday:  Snow day. Cleaned the house for our guests flying in from Chicago tonight...who are already mocking are city for shutting down because of 35 degree weather. Went to the school to prep for Monday: changed out my word wall we don't even use, printed new rosters, planned the 7th and 8th grade No Tardy Parties and graded math for a class that I don't teach.

Highlight: Actually going to the gym and climbing 110 flights on the stairmaster and having friends come into town!

All and all I think I was an actually teacher for 6-8 hours this week, a babysitter for the other 50% and an handled admin shit the other 50%...yet they pay me to shape the minds of the future! 
Be very scared.

Something about having non-Texans visit just makes me want to crank up the country southern roots must be showing...wait until the first drink happens then my southern twang will be in full force. This music pulls at all of my southern tendencies: whiskey, single cab trucks, bonfires and ohh his voice...

Happy Friday!

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  1. My love for you just grew exponentially because you added a Britney gif! Yay! Missing your prep and lunch period reminded me of what I hated the most about teaching in the South... no union protection. Up here, if they make you miss your lunch or planning period, they HAVE to give it to you at another time during the day. Don't get me wrong... I don't love everything about teacher's unions (mostly, I hate the dues), but after seeing life without them, I realized that they do protect us in some ways.

  2. Your hair looks GREAT! I feel like a glorified babysitter often too, but mostly on days when I'm uber cranky and crabby. Your bathroom usher job sounds uh-mazing! Lol
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'