I love him but...

One of the things I used to love about living with my bestie was being able to vent about anything and everything. Now we are lucky if we get to skype every six or so weeks so its really unfair to use that time to vent. I mean we have more important things to talk about...like are crazy kids...or Pretty Little Liars...priorities!

Enter the awesome new link up that Haley at Truth be Told is hosting, a chance for us all to get the opportunity to do a little venting. The beauty is that you don't have to feel guilty since everyone's doing it...that sounds like an opening to gateway drug use...

Anyways, I have been with the mister for over six years and we moved in together over two years ago, don't get me wrong I absolutely adore the mister and have loved living with him. Seriously one of the best decisions we/I have ever made. 

But...at the same time there are certain things that I wasn't quite prepared for when we signed on the dotted line...of our lease. And this is coming from the girl who lived with four 19 year old stoners her freshman summer of college...I am pretty sure I couldn't even describe the dirty horrors of that apartment.

So without further ado...I love him but...

he is super judgey about my eating/drinking habits. In the rare event that I eat fast food, he judges me.. When I forget to eat dinner until nine o'clock at night, he judges me. When I suddenly want a snack at midnight, he judges me. When I want that third beverage even though I know I shouldn't, he judges me.

he mocks my television recordings. Sharing a dvr box with a boy is just downright weird, my recordings of the Kardashian's and Pretty Little Liars mixed with his history channel recordings is just embarrassing. I swear the moment I hit play on The Bachelor he walks in the room and wants my attention.

he doesn't understand my morning routine. He gets annoyed being woken up three+ times by my never ending alarms. He is baffled by the fact that I lay on the couch and read blogs for fifteen thirty minutes. He is annoyed by my constant need to change outfits ten times in the morning. 

he will never pick my outfit for me. I will change eight times and each time we will 'like' the outfit I have on, when asked which one he likes better he will always say the outfit I have on. He secretly or not so secretly just doesn't want me to change again. So then I end up changing again...and again...and in anger destroying my closet.

he shares way too much about his poop/schedule. Like way more than I even care to write about. 

In all seriousness I love the mister more than I can put into words and living with him has been the best experience but every once and a while it feels good to vent a little.

Next week I might go more serious and actually pinpoint what he does around the house that annoys me...but he has helped me clean the house from top to bottom before his friends arrive Friday so I am looking at him through rose colored glasses right now!

What drives you crazy about your loved ones? 
What do you just need to vent a little about?

Linking up with Shanna and Haley.

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  1. Wait...did I write this??? Kidding!
    And this is why Jerm and I still have separate homes. I'm waaaay too independent and nit-picky. I like to be able to go back to my own corner when I need to. I'm just lucky Jerm leaves me alone about my shows...it's probably safer so I don't bust him on Finding Bigfoot. Lol!

  2. Yes! I get judged for the drinking bit too. As well as if I decide to eat my infamous 'noodles' at ten at night. (Which I don't do anymore.) But when I did, I'd always get "What are you making?".. "Noodles." "Nooo. Haley! It's ten o clock." Pfft- let me eat what I want when I want damn it!! LOL
    Plus he isn't much of a drinker and well, I don't mind getting a bit tippy on a Friday night.. So it's always a struggle for me to just have one or none and call the night quits. It's been FOREVER since I've had a FUNNNNNN night IN or OUT. My one really good gal pal moved away and she was always great for me to blow some steam with. OH well..
    Thank you for linking up! I'm glad you enjoyed your much needed vent!!

  3. Lol...I love the feeling of "I am looking at him through rose coloured glasses right now"....so funny and so true how that can really make it hard to come up with annoying things! When I was writing my post for Haley's link up, my husband had just cleaned the whole kitchen and made me a snack and done a bunch of nice things :) I think I am more guilty of being judgy of him. And I totally agree, sometimes you just need to vent and your girlfriends are too far away!!!

  4. Haha the poop thing must just be a guy thing but you're right, they don't need to share quite so often lol....And only 30min on other blogs? How do you do it!!! haha

  5. Unfortunately, I have to admit that I'm the ones who judges food and drinking choices around here. It's just not fair that he can eat whatever he wants (read: junk all the time) and I have to work so hard to say no to those impulses. Also, I'm not much of a drinker, so it's annoying to me when he gets drunk and I have to monitor his behavior.

    My biggest pet peeves, though, are stupid things like he uses way too many towels & washcloths in the bathroom and doesn't put them in the hamper. I know... I should count my blessings! haha

  6. Haha ohh we just have to love them for all of their little quirks, right!? I totally feel ya about not having enough time to chat with your friends! I text my bestie every day but an actual phone call happens once a week, and skype maybe once every six! So hard to keep in touch but its definitely worth it!!