I'm the kinda girl who...

...takes entirely way to long to get ready to do anything. If I say two hours, its probably going to be more like two and a half hours. Or maybe even three. 

...judges girls who show up to Saturday drinking in heels, crop tops or makeup done to the nines.

...will change my mind eight times on what I want to wear and most likely end up in my first choice at the end of my impromptu fashion show. 

...goes through two bottles of dry shampoo a month. 

...doesn't make small talk with other girls very easily. More like completely awkward.

...takes it personally when girls don't instantly become friends or 'click' with me. 

...hates emotions. I am sorry if you have had a lose, are getting married or a bad day, but I am not the person who will know what to say or offer comfort to you.

...enjoys a few adult beverages on the regular. In my book a good night ends with a good buzz. I take pleasure in getting drunk every once in a while. 

...delays answering emails, comments, voicemails, text messages...carrier pigeons. I am trying to work on this but 9 times out of 10 I fail.

...is addicted to caffeine. I will have 3+ Advocare Spark's a day sometimes and still think I need another to really get over the six pm hurdle.

...takes over five selfies a day but never shares them on social media because I judge people who take selfies.

...obsessively talks about my students. For 50+ hours a week 187 days a year they are my world, so my stories will revolve around them, I will gush at their successes and be livid with their injustices. And sometimes their antics are so outrageous its worth a chuckle or two.

...honks my horn, flips the bird and curses at nearly every idiot driver on the road each time I get behind the wheel of a car.

...doesn't apologize for who I am, my quirks or my lack of social skills.

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  1. I think we were separated at birth.

  2. Sometimes my road rage startles me. Someone will be riding close behind me and I'm trying to get over into the right lane as quick and safe as possible and I find myself swearing and shaking my fist at them.. Then I'm like- Ooookay, calm down Haley.
    You know how I feel about booze.. We would have a good night together, that's for sure.