Friday is Valentine's Day.

There I said it. 
Wasn't sure if you were aware...or living under a rock.

I am dreading Friday at school: the fights, the tears, the break ups, the massive amounts of balloons, stuffed animals and roses...and this is all before 1st period. Teach middle school for Valentine's Day once and you will be doing the arctic vortex dance praying for a snow day.

Personally, I have always found Valentine's Day super cliche. 
All the red and pink...vomit. 
Roses...yes I am the girl who hates roses. 
Chocolate...blah I dislike chocolate too.
Plus, any man of mine...please tell me you know the singer of that song...better be showing me his love 365 days a year and not just one day of the year.

I am not going to lie, what girl doesn't expect something special though? 
Don't get me wrong I have no desire to even put on adult clothes after dealing with middle schoolers all day, much less be in public. 
BUT I am not going to deny the fact that I am looking for a little romance....
There is a small part of me that will be disappointed if nothing lovey or mushy is done.

Be glad you don't date me...I am confusing as hell.

In my search for the perfect way to wrap up this pointless post and make it not look like my boyfriend is set up to fail...because he is...I thought I would share a picture of one of my favorite things. That moment where he made me feel extra special and there was no damn Hallmark holiday telling him he had to.

This picture might look familiar as I used it as the image for my February goals link up, it seemed fitting for the month of love and mush.

Step back in time six years...

The mister and I had just gotten back together after our third break up...third time is a charm...and he came over to hang out on the couch, watch tv and have a boozy drink...our normal weeknight routine. 

He pulled me into my bedroom, away from the roommate...stop your dirty thoughts...
he presented me with the necklace.

Those of you not familiar with Irish culture, the symbol is called a Claddagh and it represents friendship, loyalty and love. Since as a couple we broke up twice and got together three different times, we have three different anniversaries...yep my boyfriend really can't win.

The first anniversary is when we became friends...something that despite each of our break ups was an impossible bond to break for us. The second anniversary is when we officially became boyfriend and girlfriend...a title we didn't use for over a year...our loyalty anniversary. And our third and final anniversary is when we finally admitted we loved each other. 

A present for the mister one Valentine's Day...long long ago.

While we had never discussed our anniversaries or story like that as he explained the meaning of the necklace it all clicked. It might have been just a simple necklace, a regular Tuesday night in November and I probably was in my pajamas but in that moment I felt special. And he it did just because.

So while all the boyfriends out there are wining and dining their ladies in an attempt to make them feel special...mine has it covered 365 days of the year. And I consider myself pretty darn lucky.

That isn't to say that I am not expecting some type of romance in the near future...hint hint!

Is there a picture or item in your life that holds a special meaning to you?

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  1. One year Rob put a diamond stud necklace around my neck when I was asleep. In the morning, it was Valentine's Day and my present was already on my neck. Totally sweet. He's never been able to top that but I hope one day he does again!
    Three anniversaries represented by your necklace- I like that.

  2. That necklace is beautiful!! And I always say that showing love 365 days a year obviously must include showing love on February 14th... :) I love extra little reasons for celebrating. Besides, I should not buy my husband reese's every single day...but I'll buy them for him on Valentine's!

  3. Aw, I love this! The necklace is so pretty and I love that your man shows you love every single day, not just when he is "supposed" to. Thanks for linking up with us!