02/2014 Goals

Hello February and 70 degree weather...does this mean its already spring?!?

Last month I decided to host my very first link up and thought what better of a topic then monthly goals...everyone else out there was making year long resolutions and there was just no way I could plan that far ahead. If you want to read more about my thought process or goals you can look back here, cause who doesn't love reading my babbling.

Lets be honest for a minute: I saw another blogger was starting a monthly goals link up this month and I almost decided to scrap my link up. But I had so much fun doing it last month, I love making new buttons, meeting new bloggers and I am pretty sure Alison would have shamed me. It obviously doesn't bother me that someone else is doing this, there are probably others that already do, but I am still a small blogger and when you start comparing...it was a stupid train of thought that I put an end to...by creating an awesome February button!

So let's get started!

First I figure I should tell you my progress on my January Goals in order to really sell you on this whole monthly goals concept.

one. Workout 12 times. Worked out 9 days...this goal needs rethinking.
two. Do not use the credit cards to purchase anything. 
three. Get one person to purchase Advocare.
four. Read one book.
five. Have a date night in with the mister. 
six. Purchase supplies to start making a 2014 scrapbook, inspired by A Beautiful Mess.
seven. Greet my new group of students with as much excitement and patience as I had in August...not in December.
eight. Post at least five things onto my Poshmark account, out with the old and all.
nine. Make a appointment for a haircut, its been seven months and I have been doing it myself in between, time for the professional to reshape it.
ten. Host a blog link up, (too easy?!?) and comment on at least 10 different blogs. I know I commented more than ten times but its impossible to know if it was 10 different blogs.

All and all I feel like January was a great month, I was productive and even saved a little money. Woot! Woot!

Going into February I already know the month is shorter and we have company coming next weekend so I am going to try and keep my goals short and manageable.

one. Workout out 3 times a week. I saved up my 12 days and tried to do them at the end of the month...failed.
two. No credit cards and save money for our upcoming trip to Chicago.
three. File my tax return. I always drag my feet since I just use the money to pay off cc debt.
four. Go to one boys basketball game. 
five. Continue to stay on top of grading. I left at 4:30 Friday and I want to keep that awesomeness rolling.
five. Locate a present for the bestie. Her birthday is in March, last year she got her gift in June.
six. Complete one page in my Project Life binder. 
seven. Not have a boozy beverage two school nights a week. Don't judge.
eight. Put down my phone after 9 during the week and give the mister more attention. Stupid social media.

So now its your turn to join the party! The rules are simple, cause there really aren't any, write out your February goals, grab the button and then link up to the party.


  1. I will have to link up to this next week sometime, when I figure out some February goals. Believe me... If I could have a boozy drink every night of the week- I would. No judgment here sister. Nice work on January too..!
    (P.S.... I have a link up going on Wednesday. I wrote about it on my blog today.. Maybe you could join in on the fun....)

  2. My favorite part of that ENTIRE post was the bit about saving up for your trip to Chicago. I'm SO excited!!!!!!!!!

  3. What's the code for your button?

  4. This Alison girls sounds BOSSY! Lol! I started on my taxes this past week. I think I still have some forms that need to be delivered before I can finish up with them. Grading is going to be the death of me. I try to put it off as long as I can, but the little stacks of paper start screaming my name and I can no longer ignore them. You go girl for saving some money. I definitely spent more than I saved in January. Bad girl!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'