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TGIF...well kind of...I am technically teaching Saturday school tomorrow so its not like a real Friday. I was told there was going to be free breakfast tacos...but most importantly extra pay...breakfast tacos don't generally entice me to wake up before 10 on a day off but $$$ will in a heartbeat. 

Speaking of money, I was uber productive last Sunday and filed my tax return...for someone with the easiest tax return to file. ever. I probably shouldn't be so proud but I procrastinate so I am proud. so what.

To me tax returns are free money...please don't offer me financial advise...in my brain I have X amount of money each month to make last all 30 or so days. But in a few days I will get XX additional monies that I wasn't planning on, hence free money.

I try to be smart with my tax return...well as of last year...I set aside a certain amount to pay towards a debt and then set aside a certain amount for me to do a little shopping. Someone looking at my financial situation might say put it all towards debt, personally shopping is a great pleasure of mine, and life without pleasure doesn't seem worth living. extreme...perhaps...but honest!

For some reason shopping with a set budget like this requires planning, window browsing, and great thought. I certainly wish I took this much time to think my purchases through when I was using credit cards...I am sure they make a self help book for that somewhere.

So without further ado...

My Fabulous Five Must Haves For Spring
aka how I will spend all of my monies... 

Maxi Dresses and Skirts. I am a tall gal and so many of the skirts and dresses out there pretty much look like shirts on me so I love that the maxi trend is all the rage right now. Plus I find a million different ways to wear these to school, so double win in my book.

    Ethnic boho flowy dress  

Crop pants. The seasons are so fickle in Texas that cropped pants are always my solution, while I would love a pair of light mint or spring colors I generally stick with colors I can wear year round. I am constantly on the hunt for the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans, with just the right amount of rips that would look great with booties, converse or flip flops but for the life of me I can't find a pair that flatter my figure. Are boyfriend jeans supposed to flatter your figure?

    Casual Outfit - LOVE the purse too! 

Tops with details. I like to stick with simple patterns...aka no patterns at all...and mostly black tops but I have been pushing myself to expand my horizon and I love all of the details on these tops. 


The perfect tee. If I am going to be honest 75% of my wardrobe is made up of tee's: slouchy tee's, lacy tee's, graphic tee's, dressy tee's. I wear them daily, I even throw them on with a maxi and some fancy jewelry and call it a work outfit. So of course I want more...duh.

  14 glitter sleeves baseball tee! give me now.  

Shoes. No fabulous list of mine would be complete without shoes. Rewind time seven years ago to a time when I was single, receiving college financial aid and went out nightly: I had a shoe closet with over 60+ pairs of shoes. As much as it pained me to part with my heels, I just don't wear them anymore, I still have a ridiculous love for all thing shoes.

Love.  Love.

  Women's Mossimo Supply Co. Kessi Crochet Boots - Taupe

I do realize that the majority of these items come from Victoria Secret, I wasn't compensated for that...though a girl can dream...besides Target, Old Navy and Nordstrom Off The Rack I only shop at Victoria Secret. A bad habit brought about during my days in the corporate world.

I was just going to make this post about my spring fashion desires but as I was writing this post in my head on the way to work...please tell me other bloggers do this...I wasn't focusing on the radio and next thing I knew my country radio station was doing an interview with Jamie Lynn Spears. I honestly went to change the radio station to another station but then they started playing her single and I was blown away. Whatever your thoughts on country music or Brittany Spears are just give it a listen: it's raw and I just completely connected with the message. Meaning I have listened to it on repeat at least 20 times since I heard it.

What are you spring essentials? 
What fashion trends are you currently lusting over? 

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  1. This post made me realize that my heels are still sitting in their pretty boxes from when we moved home last summer. I guess I don't ever wear mine either. That makes me sad. I used to live in them, but I just can't stand in them all day. Comfort has taken more of a priority in my old age, I guess! ;)

  2. Oooh I really like some of those tees you showed.. And J.L. Spears! What a great little single. She looks so respectful and grown up! Good job lil' grasshopper.

  3. Tax returns are totally free money. I think I'm going to buy a new mattress with mine. Boring, but I WANT one...so one I shall get!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'