Happy Holidays!

I am officially in Houston and smack dab in the middle of family time and holiday cheer, and loving every minute. Minus the no internet which means this blog post should be short sweet and full of errors.

Last night my dad took us out for margaritas, we drove around a million dollar neighborhood looking at Christmas Lights, one house had 5 Christmas trees lite up inside who was time for that, and finished our evening with Christmas Vacation.

As family time draws out and your looking for something to fill the awkward silence or nagging questions about your life choices, I figured I would share a few of my favorite Christmas movies

Christmas Story, nothing screams family.fun like bunny suits, angry Santa and a leg lamp.

White Christmas, this movie is a classic in my book. Brothers fighting, sisters fighting and then of course the amazing beautiful happy ending. 

Home Alone, there is something about this Christmas classic that pulls on my childhood heart strings. 

It's A Wonderful Life, no Christmas movie list would be complete without this classic.

Christmas Vacation, I am sure you are sick of me talking about this movie but I just don't get sick of this movie, ever.

After compiling this list I realized that all of these movies also share dysfunctional families, perhaps a common Christmas theme as well.

No matter how you are spending your holidays I hope you are surrounded by love and happiness. 

Happy Holidays!

-The Babbling Box!

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  1. Merry Christmas to you, A! I hope you and the Mister have a wonderful time together. I don't have time for 5 Christmas trees, but I do have time to go sip margaritas in a mansion while people serve me bon bons. Too much? Lol
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'