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Today was a pretty spectacular day in my book, we had a two hour freeze delay at school so we didn't have to start until 10:00. I have pretty much decided that if we could start everyday at 10:00 I would be the best teacher ever, it didn't hurt that we had 30 minute class periods either.

A student today asked me if there has ever been a fight in my room, we had obviously had a productive day, and I said yes two boys that were bigger than he was. And in fact I saw that student at a 7-11 a few months ago with a tear drop tattoo under his eye and thought he must be doing well for himself in life. Not.

That statement made me feel kinda judgy, I mean who knows how many of their parents are sporting tear drop tattoos, so I figured I would leave you with five things to judge me for this week:

one. I didn't drink for three straight nights this week and slept like shit, but I am sure my body/liver appreciated my efforts. Last night I curled up with a frosty beverage, cheesy Christmas movie and twinkle lights and slept better than I have in a week. I am sure I don't have an alcohol problem at all. 
Go ahead, judge away.

two. The mister had stayed home sick today, most likely from something I gave him. When I got home from work the bed wasn't made so I yelled at him. 
Go ahead, judge away.

three. A out of state friend called this week who I don't get to talk to nearly enough and I ignored her call. To be fair I had already taken a melotomin, was trying to finish a blog post and only had an hour of me time before bed, and I needed that damn me time. Sometimes I am a horrible friend and ignore calls when they aren't convenient for me. 
Go ahead, judge away.

four. I said something to a student I should have never said, but sometimes they just annoy you that much. Said student isn't even my student but was in my classroom for one period and literally drove me batty, a teacher last year actually used the words 'waste of space' to describe him, just to give you context. So kid was talking his 'smack' and I told the kid he was going to get beat up one day for constantly running his mouth and I would love to see it. 
Go ahead, judge away.

five. I know One Republic is kind of popish and this song is already on way too many commercials, will be in at least one movie and most likely in a few TV shows but I just can't get enough. 
Go ahead, judge away.

You could also judge me for only washing my hair twice this week, not making it to the gym, the fact that my tires have been asking for air for over two weeks but I will stop the list now.

I guess we all do things that people should or will judge us for, me included, but at least I don't tattoo mine underneath my eye for the world to see. Box for the win!

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  1. I would be the most highly effective teacher on the planet if we got to start at 10:00 a.m. No judging here...something for you to laugh at....I thought I would try to be cool this week and play Sharks & Minnows with the kids on the playground. I was running and fell. I had to go get 4 x-rays...I have a fractured rib. I told the doctor that he should write on my order "No exercise..................EVER!" He laughed. I think this was my body telling me that I needed to slow down and not smell the grass. I hit the decline button on my phone often because I find if I answer then I'm irritable and that translates into my conversations. It's easier to call back when I have time to be attentive.
    Happy weekend!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. I definitely avoid calls when they aren't convenient too. i'm just not into talking on the phone much anymore, so totally understand! and starting work at 10 am sounds amazing :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak