Five Day Weekends Rock

Nothing beats a five day weekend. 
And even though I slept most of the weekend away getting up this morning was downright painful.
But its done and over and hopefully with the help of my dear friend melatomin tomorrow morning won't be so painful.

A few snapshots from my five day weekend which definitely wasn't painful, although one could say it went by painfully fast.

We were lucky enough to have friends willing to open their home to us for Thanksgiving. It was a evening filled with good food, catching up with friends and wine and fireball. The mister holding Charlotte made my heart melt.

Friday I forced the mister to clean the house and then spent a ton of time putting up our tree. It's our very first Christmas tree so I made a big deal about it. The mister wasn't exactly thrilled to deal with the tree so his only input was guard monkey had to be the tree topper, all houses have a guard monkey right?!?

I did very little Black Friday shopping, besides my tree skirt but I couldn't help myself from stopping by Charming Charlie Saturday on the way to the grocery store. 

And Sunday we did a little Sunday Funday and watched the Rams lose, perhaps one of the reasons this morning was so rough, Sunday Funday always seems to get the best of me. 
#adult problems

How was your weekend? Have you started decorating for the holidays yet?

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  1. Why do you have to bring the Fireball into this. I'm still not over my latest experience with the Fireball. Love your tree. I thought it would be a great idea to drag all the Christmas stuff out yesterday for a Pintermas party on Friday night. I really should have been thinking about getting myself ready for school this morning instead. It came super quick. Why I'm still up at 11 at night is beyond me. I'm watching the Saints about painful!