My Life...According to Buzzfeed

Don't try and lie, we all have taken 1 or 100 Buzzfeed quizzes... sometimes a few repeats just to get the answers you really want. No, just me?!? Really its a black hole, you take one quiz and then you see all these suggestions for other quizzes you might be interested and an hour later you emerge unsure of what you just did with your life and unwilling to admit what you just did. But not today my friends, I think you can really learn a lot about me through these results!

And I will cross my fingers...every answer below was received on my first and only try on the quiz. Just to keep the post honest and all.

You’re pretty 2014, which means that you pay attention sometimes to the things that happen around you. Woo!

I owe most of these to teaching middle schoolers...not the champagne that would be weird...but knowing what words like bae even mean. The important stuff.

Your 2015 anthem is “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” by C+C Music Factory. Your year will be full of sweating and dancing and more sweating. Maybe 40% dancing and 60% sweating.

I don't really get the whole sweating thing, dancing I will take...but sweating? I also had to spotify this song to even know what it was so good signs...good signs.

Rayna Jaymes

Perhaps this explains the sweating...trying to reclaim my glory days?

You got: Nate Archibald
You’re adventurous and spontaneous, but also have a deep desire to be taken seriously. Nate might be a little gullible, so you’ll need to always have his back, even when disaster strikes.

Generally I am the gullible one, so this friendship is doomed.

You’re sexy and you know it! You’re confident and assertive, so people can’t help but to swoon when you pass by. Keep on workin’ your fine self!

I didn't even read the results...cause them eyes...them eyes...

You got: The Optimist
At work, you are generally happy and get along well with your co-workers. The pessimists are always weary of your friendliness but they are bound to come around. You are helpful and courteous. You are awesome to work with and are a team player, but take it down a notch, you’re making others look bad. Pet peeve = negativity. know me so well!

You got: Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth emerged into the world like a true bolt of lightning on Aug. 11, 1983, making him a fierce Leo next to your free-spirited Gemini. You’ll be an extravagant couple wherever you go. ;)

Please and thank you!


Responsible and dependable...but the mister might disagree with the word practical.

You got: Pulitzer Prize For Fiction Or Journalism
Your curiosity and imagination is best channeled through written word. So get back to work writing your Great American Novel, or keep investigating that topic that fascinates you. People deserve to hear your ideas!

This one is hilarious, if you have read my blog you know I can't write to save my life...grammar is just not my jam.


And so that's it. Me in 10 Buzzfeed quizzes...
kind of oblivious
super sweaty
trying to reclaim my glory days...the ripe age of 21?
looking for someone equally as guillable
them eyes...them eyes...
goodie two shoes
I deserve rock hard abs...or a leo...
super responsible and practical
my blog could be a novel
a little bit of an outsider!

One of those might be a lie!

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  1. Wow.. I feel like I KNOW KNOW you.. ;)

    Yum to Chris Hemsworth. I'm not normally into guys with longer hair and blondes for that matter. But there is just something about that man.........