Hello 2015

I have been going back and forth over the last few days trying to figure out if I wanted to set New Year's Resolutions or not. Last year I didn't but I did a monthly goal blog post and made it all the way to July before I stopped blogging, thus stopped setting goals. The year before I pretty much forgot I even set New Year's Resolutions by April, so I wouldn't call that a win.

New Year's Resolutions can be tricky, make too many and you will overwhelm yourself by February 1st. Make too few goals and you will see no real change. And none of us own a crystal ball to be able to predict the curve balls life is inevitable going to throw our way at some point this year. 

I saw this beautiful graphic on Simply Clarke's blog and knew that I wanted to create something similar, a constant reminder of what I want to improve about myself without any real specific goal.  I haven't gotten to play with picmonkey in way too long so hopefully this stirred up my creative and blogging juices as well...

My thought process is each week I will make five goals around these topics and work on those for the week. It might be as simple as workout five times, call Time Warner to get a cheaper bill or take a bubble bath or as big as complete my Capstone project...eek!. My awesome 2015 planner has this open section at the bottom where I plan to write them down, so I might not be blogging about my goals but I will be setting them. 

This is the year I will turn 30 so for me these quotes, goals and dreams all are based on becoming the best version of myself: self confident, positive, healthiest, financially stable and most importantly to stop talking and start doing!  

So how do you handle New Year's Resolutions: set them, monthly, daily...none?

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