It's That Time of Year...

Hello December. 
Hello blog. 
Hello readers...if you're still around.

This is truly my favorite time of year, said every other blogger/female/instagrammer...insert your title. 

Funny story, the other day a male student asked what I was drinking and I told him a pumpkin protein smoothie. His response...oh your just a basic white girl. Frankly I was pleased he omitted the word bitch but seriously how did this become a thing? Or something that is supposed to be insulting: yes I like pumpkin, PLL, boots and the holidays. Basic my ass...end rant.

And since I bothered to actually show up on the 1st of the month I figured it was about time I linked up with Farley for this month's currently.

Listening: I am completely obsessed with youtube makeup videos, its a weird obsession which has lead to a horrible obsession of buying makeup. And then spending too long putting makeup on in the morning while watching more videos thus encouraging me to buy more makeup. It's a nasty nasty cycle...don't fall down the rabbit hole.

Loving: My Christmas tree. Watching Christmas movies. Making Christmas Crafts. Christmas shopping. Pretty much nailed all of those over Thanksgiving break and now going to work just seems so trivial when there are things that need glitterfying. I am making words up left and right this blog post.

Thinking: After three long months of stressing about funding, dates, student involvement, school buses, t-shirts, permission slips and staying after school until 6 multiple times a week its all coming to a end. Are we ready, not really. Will we ever be ready, who knows. But fingers crossed the robot does what it needs to on Saturday, no one misses the bus and we don't look like the team of misfits like we did last year. Plus this means I might finally get back to blogging on the regular, or having a life. 

Wanting: On top of the Robotics competition, I also have my normal classroom stuff, progress reports to get out, a Math/Science night, PBIS meeting to run and a student leadership academy this week. Because that is how my life works, nothing or everything at one time. Pray for my sanity.

Needing: Due to all of the above moaning and groaning you can imagine my workout routine has gone done the drain. I held out strong until about two weeks ago when I just gave up. So my plan despite all of this weeks craziness is too stick to the Blogilates calendar because the only way for me to start a routine is to start on the 1st which happens to fall on a Monday which makes the OCD side of me super satisfied.

Giving: My giving is a little random, but I am pretty sure this entire post has been completely random so just roll with it. Sometimes we get sucked into the black hole of pinterest and never actually make anything that we pinned. Other times we try the pin with the best of intentions and end up with a sloppy mess on your hand and in the drive through of Sonic trying to forget the time and money we just just me?!?  But these five pins have been complete knockouts and you should definitely try these:


  1. Oh your blog makes me laugh. Once the robotics competition is over you'll be all set! Good luck! :-)

    Real Teachers Learn

  2. I love your Christmas crafts. Thank you for the recipes, the short rib tacos sound delish. I have a slow cooker I only used one time. I think I'll try using it for this recipe. Merry Christmas :)

  3. So excited for you to get your life back after this competition! I want to make that moose head, but I think I need a template. I'm not so good with a paintbrush! But he would look so cute with my glittery deer!