Currently June

Why, hello there!

Yep, nearly six months later I have decided to resurface. 

Perhaps there is something about logging another year in the books today that made me long for a little blogging. Or perhaps it's the idea of a summer without blogging that seems a little off. Or perhaps it's the fact that no one was available to hang out after school and sitting here dwelling on how I ended the year is unhealthy, so why not drink and blog. So much healthier!

What better way to dip my toes back into blogging then a little Farley Currently action? 

My obsession with Fixer Upper, well all HGTV shows, is unhealthy at best. They are based out of Waco, so darn cute and seriously I want all of her wardrobe. Like now.

11 Times Chip And Joanna Gaines Were The Cutest HGTV Couple

There are some super scary fun changes on our horizon. I will leave it at: House Hunting. I am super superstitious and won't say more than that. 

Lovely Texas changed the rules on us and our 8th graders don't have to pass both the reading and math state tests, just reading. So my summer school options were limited to reading. Not a subject I feel strong in teaching. AT ALL. But I need the money, see the loving section, so I am nervous about teaching six straight hours of reading each day.


Besides teaching summer school, I am also test proctoring and doing assessment writing. Then moving, hopefully. So I don't foresee more than two-three weeks of actually non work time this summer so my main goal is to squeeze in as much relaxing when possible. 

I adore what I teach, enjoy my students despite their many challenges but I have a large problem working/making friendships with my co workers. I just don't connect. Sometimes I wonder if the problem is me, but I have no problem making friends in other circumstances, and seriously I can't be friendly with someone who I feel is incompetent. Regardless of how I feel about my co workers, I will be teaching at the school another year so I need to change my attitude by August or continue feeling frustrated by other people which is definitely unhealthy. Thank god for summer.

Summer Lovin:
With all the extra work and moving going on this summer I want to make sure I give quality time to:
myself, the man, the bestie who is moving in with us, my sister and my mom/brother and dad.

Obviously that is ambitious but I know that in order to recharge my batteries this summer I need to hit all of the categories.

Tomorrow morning (7:45) I will knock out my last staff meeting and hopefully turn my keys in by noon and close the doors on this school year. Despite my crazy summer itinerary I plan to soak up the sun and enjoy my weekend before summer school starts, and hopefully return to this blog a little more often over the coming days of freedom!


  1. Found you on Farley's currently! Love your blog - super cute!!! Another Texas lady! :) You've got me real intrigued with Fixer Upper! I have to watch this now!!! Glad to have found your blog!!!
    Mrs. Thomas's Class

  2. Oh girl my heart goes out to you and teaching reading for SIX HOURS!!!! oh boy is that a tall order! I hope that your weekend before summer school begins is a long one full of sunshine and relaxation!!

    Happy Summer!!

    It's Kinder Time

  3. I hope your last faculty meeting went well. Focus on the positive this summer and recharge those batteries! Sometimes that is all you need.
    Lunch, Snacks, and Recess

  4. I have you's been EIGHT months...that's almost as long as cooking a baby....which I'm not. We are going to start house hunting this summer. I miss you.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin"