2013 Resolution Reviews 1.0

Well hello there old friend...its been awhile since I have been able to find time to stop and blog. I could provide eight million excuses as to why, but I don't really feel the need, if blogging happens it happens and if not well life goes on.

So just like nearly everyone out there about a month ago I made a few resolutions for the 2013 year, posted here. The norm is to make these goals and work really hard for the first 6 weeks then slip back into the old routine. Case in point, this past week I found myself fighting less and less for my beloved stair master at the gym. 

But I don't want to be the norm, so when I made my goals I decided I would do a monthly check in to assess my progress and adjust accordingly. I might be a few days late but here goes...

1. Capture more moments!
I plan to take part in the 365 day photo challenge this year. I was so disappointed that during the holidays I literally took no pictures, so hopefully this will allow me to feel more natural about snapping a few shots each day.

January Progress:  This goal will forever be a work in progress, I have certainly taken a lot more pictures this year but I missed a few days at the end of January.  Hopefully I will have time to update my 365 Photo Challenge Page this week.

2.  Improve health and fitness!
I want to attend the gym at least 12 times a month and really focus on lighter easier meals to keep me going through the week.

January Progress:  Totally rocked this out! Made it to the gym 12 days last month and have made some really yummy pinterest finds which have resulted in less need to eat out. Don't get me wrong I am human, I might have had fast food once or twice, but its definitely a step in the right direction.

3. Fix/better my finances!
I am horrible at dealing with my money, its CRAZY, how bad I am. So my year resolution is to be $5000.00 less in debt and have increased my savings by $1000.00. I have been reading a lot of different techniques and I really think I found one which can work for me.

January Progress:  January was a great month for me budgeting wise. I hate the word budget, its like a curse word to me. But regardless, I was able to actually save a little, did not dip into my savings to live and actually chipped a small small small part of my debt away. It's a start! This will forever be a battle for me as I HEART shopping but it must be something I am constantly aware of.

4.  Spend more time with family and friends!
I want to make it a goal to talk to at least my immediate family once a month. See a family or friend once a month. And try and talk to at least two different friends a month. So many of my friends no longer live in state, and I think if spent half as much time talking to them as I do blogging I would become better at keeping my connections.

January Progress:  This goal might need some revisions. I feel like I have made a more conscious effort to talk to my family members this month. And I have spent time with a few different friends, but I still need to work on connecting more regularly with out of state friends and friends who have different schedules than I do.

5.  Make a 2-3 plan for the future!
This one might sound vague, but I know that I have talked about graduate school, leaving the state, etc many different times, but I have never bothered to even research one option. In 2.5 years I turn 30, scary! But I want to have made a plan and started on it before time just slips away. I also know that that plan includes making future plans with Mr. B, another scary topic. Perhaps I used the word plan too much.

January Progress:  I researched a few graduate school options and have it narrowed down to three, yipee! But I could really use some advise from someone who has traveled down the online graduate school process, any takers!  

Me and Mr. B are resigning are house lease for another 14 months, keeping us in Austin for the next school year and hopefully at my school (fingers crossed). And Mr. B just started an 'adult' job at the State land office on the 1st of February . So all in all I think this one is progressing well.

Hopefully tomorrow I will do a Currently link up with Farley, I HEART those and wanted to keep this post strictly resolution reviewing. 

Now I am off hopefully to the gym, grading student blogs and then a super bowl party, I might be am running out of time!

- The Babbling Box!

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