Bless Your Heart

I am pretty sure my all time favorite southern saying is 'bless your heart' right after y'all and ain't, but I am a teacher so those probably shouldn't be used too much. Who are we kidding I use them all the time, but I like to follow them up with "I probably shouldn't use ain't in the classroom" so I am making the effort  right?

Lately I have been on a 'bless your heart' role, or just surrounded by less than intelligent people, but I think 'bless your heart' is a much sweeter way of putting it and keeping my job friends positive attitude.

So here are a few 'bless your hearts' from my world lately:

Dear student who peed himself in the first 8 minutes of class on the cushioned rolling chair. I am sorry but everyone knew despite your efforts to hide it, and you ruined the rolling chair because I ain't cleaning up that mess.  Perhaps it would have been better to take the tardy and just use the bathroom during the passing period, you are 13 and all ... BLESS YOUR HEART!

Dear girl at the gym today who couldn't figure out how to work the leg press. I completely understand that little box of instructions, with pictures, might be hard to understand.  But while stopping a personal trainer and having him show you how to work might it have been your way of flirting, talking on your cell phone while he showed you just pissed him off. Bringing him over for a second time when your phone call was done, did little to improve his attitude. Your shock at him not be willing to spend time with you was cute, perhaps you can find shorts that do in fact actually show your butt rather than just the butt checks next time ... 

Dear student today who asked me if I was pregnant today, perhaps you should learn what is okay and not okay to ask females at some point. Especially when said female was in charge of your restroom breaks today ... BLESS YOUR HEART!

Dear MOY testing teacher, I did in fact sit through the same 45 minute training as you and recall being told very clearly that teachers would not be getting lunch on test days so pack your own and bring it to your testing room. Not rocket science. So your hysterical freak out about not getting a standard 20 minute break in front of your class who was still testing was a fun break from my 800 student escorted bathroom trips ... BLESS YOUR HEART!

Dear camp teacher who ran a camp in my classroom. I understand running a camp in a classroom, in a subject and grade level you don't teach is difficult. And allowing the students to roll all around the room, eat in my room, throw paper airplanes, destroy my computer speakers and spill soda on my rolling chairs was such a lovely surprise to return to after being outside for nearly 5 hours. Your shock at me raising my voice and forbidding the class to leave until all chairs were returned to their homes and they were seated was cute ... BLESS YOUR HEART!

I think stopping there is sufficient or I could probably babble on all night, but Mr. B is actually off for the first time since Thursday night so we have a little couch cuddling to catch up on. And TV of course! Thank you for listening to my southern version of ranting...sure felt nice to get that off my chest.

And just a little photo I took from my post during MOYs for the last two days, despite it being outside during the rain and eating lunch in between student bathroom breaks, I have absolutely nothing to complain about. I felt extremely lucky, so if there are TESTING God's please allow me to continue my status as wing monitor through this testing season. THANK YOU!

- The Babbling Box!

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  1. haha! This post made my day. I FREQUENTLY want to say "bless your heart" to students/co-workers/certain events at school, too.

    ~Mrs. K. from The Teacher Garden Blog