Let's Be Friends

Now that we are best friends you must have all of my contact information, grab a pen and paper this might take a bit.

First, I love to receive commentsI mean really who doesn't! Weirdos?!? 
So please leave comments so I don't question our friendship, doesn't sound creepy at all. 
I am a relatively new blogger, I have been doing this a year but really am just getting into becoming a 'true' blogger, whatever that means, so please leave advice, general suggestions or let me know how much you love being friends.

Emails are nice too - thebabblingboxtx@gmail.com.

I am also on Twitter. I don't really get why you want to know my every move, every day, perhaps we shouldn't be friends. 

But some day I will navigate the world of hastags and I will be worth reading: https://twitter.com/TheBabblingBox.

I also HEART me some Instagram but my ADD generally doesn't mean I share too often. So if you want to see random pictures of the Mr. and I, pinatas or what I eat, check me out: http://instagram.com/thebabblingbox.

My home away from home is the pinterest, I am a disorganized pinning freak but I pin some really good ideas about anything under the sun: http://pinterest.com/amymartin512/boards/

And finally everyone and their dog is moving to BlogLovin so you better write that down too: http://www.bloglovin.com/thebabblingbox

Now that you know where to find me our friendship can really begin to grow...I CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!

- The Babbling Box!


  1. Thanks for sharing through your blog.

  2. I'm not questioning our friendship...yet. I don't feel like you've left enough contact information though. You don't still maintain your Myspace? It's very nice to meet you. I like your blog.